Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tesco Jews

A quick glance at my sitemeter (left hand side all the way down) the other day brought an above average number of google searches. A closer examination showed that many of these searches were for "Tesco Jew" and my blog was turning up as the second result for a previous post I had written up many moons ago.

A news search brought up this as a side note on the story of the Starbucks Attack:

Just four hours earlier, a gang of youths hurled a brick at a Tesco delivery van half-a-mile away, then attacked the driver as he drove through Canon Street Road. The 45-year-old driver was later treated for a head injury and needed seven stitches.

Cops said the youths were Asian, who were wearing dark tops and may have been seen outside a fast food restaurant earlier.

The new Tesco Metro supermarket in Stepney’s Commercial Road was targeted at the weekend when several windows were smashed and the words ‘kill Jews’ was daubed in paint.

The same slogan was daubed on the wall of a children’s playground on Whitechapel’s Chicksand housing estate last week.

Not quite sure if the people searching for "Tesco Jew" wanted to find out whether the owners of Tesco are Jewish or if they were searching for this news story.

Were you searching for this story out of interest or perphaps you're a British "youth" who wants to find out more regarding the Tesco International Zionist Conspiracy. If so, please write in to the usual address.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The 18 Steps Of British Media Bias

As I was reading an article on Ynet about the BBC deciding not to have a fundraiser for Hamas I came accross this comment from fellow Israel supporter:
See below for the usual BBC / Channel 4 / Sky News guidelines for Israel....

1. always accept the Palestinian version without question

2. interview at least 8 Palestinian supporters to every Israeli supporter

3. assume the UN is impartial, and a shining beacon of justice in a dark world

4. assume any video / photos provided by Palestinians are always reliable - never question their veracity. It’s probably not worth bothering viewers with the fact that much of the media is doctored or staged – this will only confuse them

5. gloss over the last 60 years of history (never mention how 6 Arab armies tried to destroy Israel in '48, '67, and '73)

6. don't report how Hamas (etc) bully, torture and murder their own people, or misappropriate aid/finance (or if you do, play it down)

7. NEVER mention that Iran / Hamas / Fatah have vowed to destroy Israel and kill every Jew in the world (if you do mention it, assume they don't really mean it)

8. Report only the words that Fatah say in English, never what they say in Arabic

9. if you interview an Israeli (or misguided supporter such as Colonel Kemp, Mark Regev), make sure you interrupt them frequently. If you're coming off second best, tell them you're running out of time

10. if interviewing a Palestinian (or Annie Lennox, Alexei Sayle), make sure you ask them lots of really open questions, allowing lots of time to air their views without interruption - nod frequently to show your support. Don’t interrupt them, as this is disrespectful

11. above all, the tone of your voice should exhibit disapproval towards Israel, and sympathy towards Palestinians

12. ensure you use the word "occupation" as much as you can (don't get involved in meaningless discussions concerning how Israel either paid huge sums for swamps / wilderness in '48, or won it when arabs declared war on them)

13. never report anti-semitic attacks/incidents from the UK or elsewhere (we are unsure as to why these are increasing, but certain it has nothing to do with how we are portraying the situation)

14. don't report Pro-Israel activity such as marches – nobody cares, and these people are misguided anyway. If the politicians from all parties turn a blind eye, why shouldn’t we ?

15. if you get the facts wrong (Israel murders 1000’s in Bethlehem), never issue an apology or retraction

16. It is probably more news-worthy if you paint Israel as the aggressor – so don’t mention that Hamas launched over 6,000 rockets into Israel after Israel had vacated the Gaza strip

17. On proportionality, probably not worth mentioning comparisons with civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, or WW2 Germany (this will only confuse people). The fact that Hamas deliberately booby-trapped civilian homes and made people go into them, we are sure, has nothing to do with civilian casualties....

18. probably not worth mentioning the Bible – Jesus, a Jew, born in Bethlehem, visiting the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (this is only 2000 years of history anyway....)

Note to Producers – make sure that when interviews are taking place that you loop some video showing ultra-left wing Norwegian doctors running after ambulances performing chest compression on live patients, and female Hamas supporters screaming uncontrollably about how their terrorist husbands were mercilessly martyred by the IDF. Remember, it really doesn’t matter what the interview says because people will remember the images
Couldn't have said it better myself.

For more examples BBC and other media bias see the following links;

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"Put Your Hand Up If You Hate Jews"

You'll notice that when the parent supposedly corrected the pupils, he advised them they should hate the IDF, not Jews. I'm not sure I understand why Muslim parents are being invited into schools suggesting that children hate anything. Ahh, no doubt they'll have a Jewish parent in next week to tell the kiddies why they should hate Muslim armies:

A TOP private school is at the centre of a race row between its Jewish and Muslim pupils.

In the wake of fighting in Gaza which has left nearly 1000 Palestinians dead, Muslim children at Glasgow's Hutchesons' Grammar School were asked if they hated Jews.

The school admitted many put up their hands - only to be told they should hate the Israeli army instead.

Muslim and Jewish pupils attend separate morning assemblies at the school, where fees are around £9000 a year.

News of last Thursday's controversial meeting was released by two Jewish pupils who went along by mistake.

The assembly was led by Asgher Mohammed, a parent who is believed to be a chemist.

News of the hate vote spread quickly through the 368-year-old school.

The parents of one of the Jewish children involved wrote to school rector Dr Kenneth Greig.

Dr Greig had letters sent out to other parents to explain the circumstances.

A school spokesman said yesterday: "The person in question has a long-standing history of taking the morning assembly.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened.

Perhaps it was not advisable to ask the question that he did.

"However, no one believes anything was intended to cause offence.

"His lesson was to preach religious tolerance and to show, despite what is going on in the Middle East, that Muslims and Jews in the UK can live in peace."

Claire Singerman, who co-ordinates Jewish assemblies at the school, stressed the "excellent" relationship between pupils of different faiths.

Chemist Asgher Mohammed said last night: "I have seen the statement from the school and amvery happy with that. I am not going to say anything else."

Muslim pupils make up around seven per cent of the school roll. Around six per cent are Jewish.

The school's famous ex-pupils include former lord chancellor Derry Irvine and John Buchan, author of The Thirty-Nine Steps.

Three months ago, it was ordered to improve access for poorer students or risk losing its status as a charity.
The Scottish Sun has more details on the story and a quick search points to the man in this link as being the one who asked the question (Mr Asgher Mohammed).