Sunday, August 28, 2005


British Man Stabbed to Death in Jerusalem, But Don't Expect the British Media to Report it

On Wednesday, a british man was stabbed to death by an arab terrorist in jerusalem, while the british mans friends was also inflicted with serious stab wounds. Nearly all western media outlets boycotted reporting this act of terror against a british citizen. Well, obviously certain news outlets wouldn't want to upset their pro "palestinian", anti-israeli supporters by reporting THE TRUTH! Either that or killing jewish civilians qualifies under the leftist definition of justified terror.

A BRITISH Jew has died after he was stabbed by a Palestinian in Jerusalem.

Shmuel Mett, 21, from Golders Green in London, who had been studying in Israel for two years, was attacked as he returned from prayers at the Western Wall on Wednesday.


right on my zionist compadre !!!


sorry zw, i thought that, but sky did report it, albeit not breaking news...

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