Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Iraq Suicide Bomber Was Belgian Woman

What led to her decision to become a suicide bomber? Poverty? Oppression? Being an "unemployed youth"? Or was it her conversion to the Religion of Peace™ after having married a radical (/very observant) Muslim. I've bolded most of the article as it is a must read, so go on, read it.

A Belgian woman who converted to Islam after marrying a radical Muslim carried out a suicide attack in Baghdad earlier this month, say Belgian prosecutors.

Other European extremists are known to have travelled to Iraq to fight the US-led forces, but she is believed to be the first female European bomber.

On Wednesday, police detained 14 people in raids on the homes of people thought to have links with the unnamed woman.

Authorities said they wanted to break a network sending volunteers to Iraq.

Nine of the suspects are Belgian, three are Moroccan and two are Tunisian.

The federal prosecutor's office confirmed that a Belgian-born woman had carried out an attack in Baghdad on 9 November.

She is believed to have been born in Belgium and converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim radical. Her husband is reported to have been killed in Iraq in a separate incident.

The De Standaard newspaper said the woman's Belgian passport was found on her body after the attack on a US military convoy.
She is reported to be the only victim of the attack.

Federal police director Glenn Audenaert told reporters that the Belgian authorities wanted "to dismantle this network, which we knew was on our territory and which aimed to send volunteers for the jihad to the battlefield".

"This is how she came into contact with the organisation which allowed her to become a fighter for jihad," said Mr Audenaert.

Earlier this year, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said at least seven people from France have been killed in Iraq and elsewhere fighting for al-Qaeda.

Belgian authorities have also had to deal with other cases of Belgian-based Islamic extremism. Thirteen men are currently on trial accused of membership of a militant group that has been linked to bombings in Madrid and Casablanca.

Defence lawyers say the only evidence against some of them is that they knew men charged with serious crimes.

The men are accused of belonging to the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (GICM), accused by the US of aiming to establish an Islamic state in Morocco and supporting al-Qaeda's jihad against the West.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


How To Invent The News (And Blame The Jews)

A couple of days ago, the mainstream media reported that the regular target of liberal fascism, Jewish "settlers", had cut down a load of olive trees that we can only assume belonged to Arabs (non white, non Jews, the only people the media feel have the right to self preservation).
Sounds simple doesn't it, they even provided a picture (click the picture for the original link) :

(here is the caption the AP provided) Palestinian Mahfouza Odeh, 75, reacts as she hugs a cut olive tree in an olive grove in the West Bank village of Salim near Nablus Sunday Nov. 27, 2005. Israeli settlers cut down about 300 olive trees belonging to residents of the village of Salim outside the northern West Bank city of Nablus, residents of the village and international activists said Sunday. The settlers say they cut down the trees to prevent Palestinians from attacking them under cover of the olive groves.(AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)

Now, the first thing I noticed, was that the AP had no pictures of the "settlers" (media code word for horned, blood sucking, land stealing, no right to exist Joooos), no pictures of the trees being cut down and we have no way of verifying if this tree belongs to the woman pictured. Oh, and the entire story was taken as gospel by the media, on the testimony of A SINGLE ARAB.

Luckily, Israel National News have broken this down way better than I can, so please read on :

It was widely reported Sunday, in the name of Arab sources in the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, that Jewish settlers from the Shomron had chopped down 200 olive trees owned by Arabs.

However, the Yesha Council looked into the matter and said that though "we condemn all violence, including harming Palestinian property," it had found that the incident was apparently a provocation staged by extreme left-wing activists who "wish to sully their Jewish brothers, while at the same time extending their hand to terrorists."

The residents of Elon Moreh, in a statement, "wish to emphasize that we have no connection with this incident, which is based on the testimony of a single Arab."

A widely-published AP photo of an Arab woman weeping and embracing an allegedly chopped-down tree (similar photos were taken by Reuters, AFP, and others] shows that the trunk is intact, and that only the top branches are cut off - as if it had been purposely pruned. In fact, the Haifa-based Land of Israel Task Force says that this is exactly what happened.

"The left-wingers and Arabs pulled the same trick last year," Task Force head Aviad Visuly said, "and using the same method." Photos of the trees show that the branches were sawed off in a manner that is beneficial to the trees. "Why would vandals bother sawing off each individual branch? Wouldn't they just cut down the trunk?"

The branches begin growing back 2-3 months after they are cut, and grow to full size within two years. "In the meanwhile," Visuly said, "the orchard owners receive stipends from the Saudis, via the PA."

Visuly said that left-wing activists look for trees that have been pruned, and then blame the Jews for cutting them. "They have even admitted to the police that they do this," he said, "such as in the case of Ein Avus near Hawara [south of Shechem]. In that incident, they blamed the people of [nearby] Yitzhar, because Yitzhar was a convenient media target. Two Jews were arrested for five days and were then released with no charges whatsoever. Today, it's convenient for them to accuse the people of Elon Moreh. If the police had an investigator who was half-fair, he would throw the case out."

Two years ago, a similar story on Arutz-7 began as follows: "It led to anti-settler headlines, international embarrassment for the State of Israel, condemnations, and apologetics - and yet it all may have been one big bluff, or worse." At the time, international media reported as fact that Jews had destroyed the Arab trees, and President Katzav and Prime Minister Sharon issued statements implying that the Jews were responsible. Even the Yesha Council said that the tree-cutting had "defamed the entire sector of Jews living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza."

What went under-reported was that the police began to suspect that left-wing Israelis and Arabs were behind the incident. The police even asked Rabbi Arik Asherman of the Reform Movement and an Arab who filed charges against Jewish Yesha residents to submit to lie-detector tests - but it was reported at the time that the two had refused.

A Jewish National Fund expert brought in by the police concluded that no lasting damage was done to the trees, and that the tree-cutters did not "cut down" the trees, but rather "pruned" them.
To finish, I will quote one line from the Arutz Sheva report above ;
"Why would vandals bother sawing off each individual branch? Wouldn't they just cut down the trunk?"

Monday, November 28, 2005


Swedish Mosque Calls For Jihadic Extermination Of Jews

First an extract from the hadeeth :

Book 041, Number 6985:
Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may [edit]'piss' be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.


and the article :

Swedish Radio News reports that the Stockholm mosque sells cassettes which call for killing all Jews in a Holy War.

The cover of one of the cassettes shows a picture of the Statue of Liberty draped in a burning American flag.

A spokesman for the mosque blames the presence of such cassettes in their bookstore on unprofessional behavior by volunteers.

A Moslem member of the Swedish Parliament, when informed about the cassettes, said such sales are illegal here and prosecutors will have to investigate.

Just in case you were wondering, the quote above the article is not simply there to show that Islam is NOT a religion of peace (the actions of observant muslims clued up in the duty of jihad show us that), but to show that these people are not learning the "wrong type" of Islam as our leaders would have us believe, but they are in fact expert adherants of "true Islam", especially the Islamic texts and their specific meanings.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Drumroll Please...Announcing The 'Infidel Bloggers Alliance'

Over the past week or so I have started up a "blog hub" which will act as a source for bloggers to find the latest and most important articles and blogs regarding the fight against worldwide Islamofascism. With the assistance of the admins from Cuanas, DrunkenBlogging and NoDhimmitude the site will feature daily links, extracts and headlines from up to 10-15 member blogs. Please visit the site at Ibloga and tell all your friends about it. At the moment as we are starting up, the blog will be active but not at it's full potential, which we should hopefully reach within a couple of months when our member list increases. If you have a blog, have a reasonable readership and would like to join please leave a comment, but spaces are limited so don't wait too long.
I'd also like to say a big thank you to all my regular readers and commenters who visit my site, without whom I would have probably given up by now.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Tesco Pull Anti Jewish Publications From Online Bookstore

British retailer Tesco PLC said Friday it was withdrawing several far-right and anti-Semitic publications from its online bookstore after complaints from an anti-fascist magazine.

Searchlight magazine said it was "horrified" to discover books from far-right publishers on the Tesco web site. They included "The Hitler We Loved and Why," "The International Jew" and infamous anti-Semitic tract "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Mark Gardner, director of communications for the Jewish Community Security Trust, said it was "inexplicable and shameful" that Tesco -- one of Britain's biggest supermarket chains -- would sell such material.

In a statement, Tesco said it had removed the books after a complaint from Searchlight.

" has over 1 million book titles covering a wide range of subjects," it said.

"We are unhappy that titles which could cause offense to some customers have found there way on to our site, and took immediate action to remove them once they were brought to our attention."
Note that Tesco themselves aren't bothered that these titles were being sold from their site, only unhappy that "some" of their customers might not approve. I also like the way their spokesperson states that the books "found there way on to our site". Like they just appeared from nowhere.


Have You Seen These Men? 3 Hunted In PC Murder

Police on Friday released photos of three men they were seeking over the murder of Bradford policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky, gunned down as she answered an emergency call about an armed robbery.

After the shooting on November 18, three men had been seen running to a silver vehicle parked nearby.

West Yorkshire police said they wanted to trace Burnley-born Muzzaker Imtiaz Shah, 24, believed to have been living in London for the past four years.

They were also seeking brothers Mustaf Jama, 25, and Yusuf Jama, 19, both last known to be living in the North Kensington area of London.

"There is no indication at this stage that any of the men have left the country," said Detective Superintendent Andy Brennan.

"It is possible they may be in the London area."

Police also issued CCTV pictures of a Toyota Rav 4, registration WP 05 YTT that they believe was the silver vehicle spotted near the robbery.

Beshenivsky, 38, a mother of three children and two step-children, was killed after she and fellow officer Teresa Milburn responded to an armed robbery at a travel agency in the centre of Bradford.

Constable Beshenivsky died after being shot in the chest on her youngest daughter's fourth birthday. Milburn, was shot in the shoulder.

Police said the Toyota was sighted on CCTV near the travel agency at 3 p.m, just minutes before the shooting. It was recorded travelling out of the city towards the motorway network at 3:41 p.m.

Police said earlier this week the Toyota was hired from Heathrow on October 25 and is thought to have travelled north to West Yorkshire early on Friday last week.

Beshenivsky was remembered by a two-minute silence in Bradford on Friday.
From the information in the article it would seem that the police knew the reg of the car, where the car was rented from and that there were 3 men seen running to the suspect car after the shooting. Just after the attack several men and a woman were arrested, all of whom have now been released.

Now for the interesting part. One of the people arrested a day after the shooting was 31 year old Shahid Khan. In the BBC article below he claims that he went to the police to tell them he was forced by a Somali drug gang to rent 5 cars on their behalf shortly before the shooting. So I assume that he was arrested so quickly after the shootings because the silver car was traced back to him. My question is why did it take the police nearly a week to release any information on the three suspects when Mr Khan obviously knew who at least one of them was? [beeb article below]

A man quizzed in connection with the murder of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky says police should have followed up his concerns about a gang in London.
Shahid Khan, from west London, claims he was forced to hire the car believed to have been used by the gunmen.

Detectives are still hunting three people over the shooting of the 38-year-old and her colleague, Teresa Milburn, 37, in Bradford, West Yorks.

Police say no formal complaint was made by Mr Khan, who has been freed on bail.

Mr Khan, 31, says he went to police after the gang forced him to hire a silver Toyota car which police believe was used by the killers.

He said: "I went to the police station and reported it and the policeman - I don't know if he didn't take me seriously or something, because I was telling him: 'Why don't you check it.'"

Mr Khan was arrested by armed police on Saturday and driven to West Yorkshire, where he was interviewed for three days.

He was freed on bail after telling detectives Somalian drug dealers had blackmailed him to hire five cars for them after he unwittingly rented a room to one gang member.

Mr Khan said that although the lodger seemed friendly at first, he soon started to bring back friends and used the home to deal drugs.

But he insisted that after he remonstrated with the man about his activities, he was threatened and even kidnapped.



New Labour Peer, Lord Alli Attacks Islam

NEW LABOUR PEER Waheed Alli has attacked Islam claiming the Quran is riddled with contradictions and the religion dominated by rituals.

In remarks which will infuriate Muslim leaders the openly-gay Lord Alli accused clerics of being “intellectually lazy” and called for a “radical democratisation of Islam.”

Lord Alli – who has previously never spoken out on Islam - attacked “Muslim reluctance to tackle the contradictions in Islam.”

Lord Alli argued that Muslims must try and understand Islam better and Islam must be reconciled with the modern world, saying: “ritual has overtaken religion”, adding that 7th century values do not fit 20th century life.

“The problem lies in the Quran itself”, he said. “There are contradictions in Quran; we have to stop avoiding them. If you find the Hadith literally, you can kill and maim as many people you can.

"If you use Quran as literal text, you can stone a woman who has been raped and in Iran, two boys were hung up for being gay”.

Green Party MEP Jean Lambert found his speech a useful contribution and called for Alli to speak on campuses where many tensions lie. “I think he was good, and he should go and speak to the younger people at the universities”.

However there was some scepticism from the Muslims in the audience. A young hijab-wearing student lambasted Alli for misreading the Quran and argued that Islam guaranteed rights for women.

A Labour politician said privately before the event, “I have great respect for his work in every other area, but I don’t understand why he has chosen to get involved in this debate”.

Voted the most powerful Asian in the media in 2005, Lord Alli first came to prominence in the media through his TV production company Planet 24.

Lord Alli, was given a life peerage at the age of 34 in 1998, became the youngest and first openly gay peer in Parliament. He has been very close to new Labour and was an outspoken critic on Section 28, the legislation that bans local authorities from promoting homosexuality.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Jacko Blames Jews For Money Troubles

Wacko Jacko, the child lover, seems to have taken in far too much influence from the ever so peaceful anti white, anti-Jewish and general anti-Infidel organisations, the nations of Islam and the "fruit" of Islam :

[Michael Jackson and Nation of Islam Chief of Staff Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad (R with tie)]

Pop superstar Michael Jackson allegedly made a series of outrageous anti-Semitic comments on a voicemail message left for former advisor, Dieter Wiesner.

Lawyer Howard King, who represents Wiesner, allowed the tape to be played on US show Good Morning America yesterday.

The man, alleged to be Jackson, says, "They (Jews) suck. They're like leeches... I'm so tired of it... they start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything.

End up penniless. It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

On Monday Wiesner filed a GBP35.5 million lawsuit against Jackson, claiming fraud and breach of contract.

King also played tapes left with another of his clients and Jackson's former confidants, former porn producer Marc Schaffel.

In them, Jackson allegedly demands money is removed from an account he is not allowed access to and delivered to him in fast paper bags.

He is allegedly heard saying, "Marc, I really need you to get... $7 million for me as soon as possible... seven, seven and a half, umm, as an advance."

Schaffer - who is suing Jackson for GBP1.67 million in unpaid earnings and unreturned loans - says, "When he wanted large amounts, he would call and say supersize them."

Good Morning America was unable to verify the anti-Semitic message was left by Jackson, but claims it has confirmed the second message made to Schaffer requesting cash.

Schaffer and Wiesner were both unindicted co-conspirators involved in Jackson's child molestation case, at which the singer was acquitted.

It's not the first time Jackson has been accused of anti-Semitism - the New York Post reports that in 1996 song They Don't Care About Us, he sang, "Jew me, sue me," and "kike me, kike me".

Just in case any readers don't remember the song 'They don't care about us' which features the anti-Jewish lines ["Jew me, sue me, kike me, kike me"], it was written shortly after Jackson was accused of abuse by 13 year old Jordie Chandler. Jackson paid off the underage accuser (like I'm sure any innocent person would do) and soon after the trial ended released the song. Of course at the time Jackson claimed the lyrics were exposing the hateful stereotypes in society, but what no-one knew at the time was that Jordie was Jewish, in fact, at the time all details of the case were covered up. A swipe at the religion of the accuser? Nah, couldn't be.

(the Beeb has reported this, minus the anti-Jewish rant from Jackson. The beeb article states that Jackson sold rights that were not his to sell and was helped out of financial ruin by Wiesner)

Monday, November 21, 2005


Time To Make A Change!

The BBC has announced a review of how it looks at the Israeli / Arab conflict. You can send an e-mail to to air your thoughts to the beeb on whether you think their coverage is anti Israeli or not. Now, what you send them is up to you and of course I'd never want anything I was to write on this blog to alter your opinion, but just take a minute to read this article in which media aides of the British PM had accused the beeb of bias against Israel, I've bolded the important parts below :

Beware the bias against Israel

Media aides of both Prime Ministers have angrily accused the BBC of bias in Middle East coverage. Indeed, Israel's press office in Jerusalem has done what one can't help suspecting Alastair Campbell would quite like to have done here - withdrawn bureaucratic co-operation usually extended to foreign media representatives.

All news organisations inevitably get things wrong. So do governments, Israeli and Palestinian, and reporters are simply doing their job recording events that some would prefer not to be recorded. My own experience as a reporter on both sides of the Middle East conflict is that BBC reporters do their best, in difficult circumstances, to convey the truth as they see it.
But particularly in its flagship news and current affairs programmes - a trend that took hold after the September 11 attacks in the US and has accelerated during the suicide-bomb stage of the Palestinian intifada and, more recently, the Iraq War - the BBC has often tended to provide a narrative of the Middle East which risks undermining the professionalism that generally marks on-scene reporting.

I happened to be on a BBC radio panel on the night of September 11, while bodies were being pulled from the wreckage of the Twin Towers, and was startled to hear a fellow panellist remark that the real question was US policy towards Israel (fortunately, the presenter and another panellist jumped in to challenge the suggestion).

ONLY days later, as a consumer rather than a participant, I heard BBC presenters grill Henry Kissinger in almost identical terms (and then remark at how weird it was that Americans so missed the point of September 11). Repeatedly since then, I have heard presenters let pass remarks after suicide bombings in Israel suggesting that the "real question" is Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. In the run-up to the Iraq War, leading BBC radio and television figures routinely suggested that, again, the "real issue" was not Saddam Hussein, but Israel. One Radio Five presenter wondered out loud shortly before the war whether it was a good idea for the White House to have a spokesman named Ari Fleischer (that is, presumably, a Jew). On BBC-TV's Question Time, a member of the audience suggested that a war against Saddam would not be on the agenda if it were not for "the Israelis" in the Bush Administration (again, presumably, a code-word for Jews - a remark that astonished me and, I still dare to hope, others, but not evidently Mr Dimbleby).
The closing date is 5pm, Friday 25th November 2005. You can see the original conflict coverage review link by clicking here.(as far as I'm aware, non-Brits should be able to send an e-mail as well, considering the beeb is available on the net to a worldwide audience)


Sharon Plans Disengagement From Likud

It's about time :

Prime Minister Sharon ended the suspense that gripped the country for a number of weeks, and made known his decision around midnight Sunday night: He will not run for the Likud Party leadership, but will rather quit and form his own new party. The reason, apparently, is as Binyamin Netanyahu - his main challenger for the party leadership - said on Friday: "Sharon knows that the Likud as a party will never accept his dictates for additional withdrawals, in the framework of the Roadmap or in a unilateral and arbitrary manner, as happened in Gush Katif. Every territorial compromise in the future will be contingent upon a referendum. Therefore, he has been left with no choice but to [try to] carry out his policies via a different party."

Commentators noted that Sharon would never have taken such a risky and controversial step if he was not planning to continue his policy of withdrawals from Judea, Samaria and even Jerusalem.

Sharon will submit his resignation to President Moshe Katzav tomorrow, and elections must be held within 111 days afterwards - 21 days to see if an alternative government can be formed (which it cannot), and then 90 days of campaigning. The election will apparently be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2006, the 8th of Adar 5756.
It was noted that just as Sharon had confounded former supporters by destroying the settlement enterprise in Gush Katif that he himself had so much to do with, he was now doing the same thing with his political home, the Likud. Likud MK Ehud Yatom said, "The man who built the Likud is now acting to dismantle it, just like he, the father of the settlements, is planning to continue to uproot them in Judea and Samaria."

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Yahoo's Neo-Nazi News Sources

Type Jew into google and the first result that pops is JewWatch, a vile hate site that promotes the "jooos control the world" ideology. I have also blogged in the past on the neo-Nazi sources that google uses in it's news search engine. Well, never one to be outdone by a rival, Yahoo has now joined in on the action :

[a zoomed in picture of the top result when you search for "jew" on the news section]

That's right, a search for Jew on news brings up a site that claims Jews control the world (that's original), Jews have been behind the collapse of every empire or major power throughout history (which famous nazi used that line?) and that Jews worked with hitler to fabricate the holocaust in order to create a Jewish state (I must have missed the history lesson about Hitler's desire for a Jewish homeland).

The link to the page is [] and the story is written by 'John Kaminski', whose personal home page is filled with other conspiracy stories, such as "9/11 was a hoax". I've also posted an extract from the hate story (below) in case you'd rather not contribute to his hits :

"Orwell's "newspeak" thus arrives in nonfiction history couched in the language of the Jewish spy agency named the Anti-Defamation League. Anyone who questions the unprovable story of gas chambers in World War Two immediately gets slammed into jail, especially if you live in Germany or Canada, two satellite toadies to the Jewish-controlledU.S./UK/Israeli axis of evil now plundering the planet for profit." [edit by moi - strange how he hasn't been thrown into jail yet, seems that these Jewish "toadies" aren't as powerful as he claims]

"Jewish observers of these statements immediately lapse into their disingenuous fusillade of aspersions beneath the banner of their cynical credo - anti-semitism - most, without realizing that many millions of people now know of centuries-long plans by the world's elitist organizations - notably churches - to subvert and control the minds of the human citizens of this planet. The Jews are not without avery curious history of collapses of societies in which they have risen to prominence: Rome, Venice, Spain, Britain, Russia, Germany, and now, the United States."


Saturday, November 19, 2005


Al-Muhajiroun Re-Forms Under New Name

Remember Omar Bakri? He was the fellow who urged his followers to carry out Jihad in the name of Islam, dubbed the 7th July bombers "the fantastic four" and urged his Jihadi disciples to force Islam onto the British public (just as the Quran preaches that he should).
Well, his British based pro terrorist group was disbanded but has now reformed (with seemingly little objection from the MET, Government or anyone else) under the name of Ahl ul-Sunnah Wa al-Jamma :

[The old Al Muhajiroun (very peaceful you see)]

A new group has been formed to replace radical Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed's al-Muhajiroun group, which was disbanded last year.

Ahl ul-Sunnah Wa al-Jamma was launched in a north London charity shop, with leading member, Simon Sulayman Keeler, calling the Queen "an enemy of Islam".
Just like Al Qaeda did the other day, common goals it would seem. And a charity shop, come on.

The convert to Islam said she was head of a country that attacked Muslims.

The controversial new group is formed of ex-leaders of al-Muhajiroun, widely condemned by most British Muslims

Self-styled "sheikh" Omar Bakri Mohammed, al-Muhajiroun's former spiritual leader and founder, said the organisation was dismantled in October 2004 because Muslims needed to unite together.

Mr [Omar Bakri] Mohammed, famous for praising the 9/11 hijackers, was excluded from Britain in August after more than 20 years, when the Home Office decided his presence "was not conducive to the public good".

The same month, Prime Minister Tony Blair announced plans to ban al-Muhajiroun.

Joining Mr Keeler at the launch of Ahl ul-Sunnah Wa al-Jamma was Anjem Choudary, the former UK head of al-Muhajiroun, Abu Yahya, Abu Izzadeen and Abu Uzair.

The group, which claims to have up to 1,000 followers, said its purpose was the peaceful propagation of Islam, which included attending university fairs, and that it was not a "jihadi movement".
Wow, what a relief. Can I stick my head back in the sand now?

When asked about Al-Qaeda's belief that the Queen is an enemy of Islam, Mr Keeler said the Ahl ul-Sunnah Wa al-Jamma group agreed.

He said: "My comments are in no way a call for arms or assassination. I do not call for assassination of the Queen."

But added she was sovereign of a country that attacked Muslims.

"The Queen is enemy to Islam and Muslims. We are not interested in what she says, her public relations with Muslims and her subjects," he said.
Read the above line, in conjunction with the line I bolded above it (after "he said"). Is that double speak, or am I just paranoid?

"We see in reality her actions all around the earth, her forces, army, navy, her air force bombing, destroying Muslims, killing our families, destroying our properties and occupying our land."
And the Quran does support Jihad under the guise of fighting oppression, and I ain't talking about no spiritual Jihad here.

Sheikh role

He added that she was "mentioned by al-Qaeda" because "the reality speaks for itself".

Anjem Choudary said Omar Bakri Mohammed was not on the cosultative committee of the new organisation but said: "We would love for the sheikh to have a role."

Abu Yahya, a former spokesman for al-Muhajiroun, said: "Where the frustration has got to a level where it is uncontrollable, you have what happened in France."

A threat? A Muslim leader suggesting that unless we cave into their demands, we will face France style riots? But the riots didn't have anything to do with Muslims. They were carried out by mysterious youths. Weren't they?

Mr Blair has said "successor organisations" to al-Muhajiroun would be looked at but the group's ex-leadership was markedly more measured at its launch than in the past.


Model Who Converted To Islam After Arrest Is Freed

A mere coincidence im sure, obviously bearing in mind that she was originally facing 15 years jail time, but that all changed when the prosecution decided to be more leniant and change the charge to only 3 months jail, which would fit perfectly with the amount of time she had been in jail and thus would be released on her conviction :

An Australian model found guilty of illegally receiving drugs in the Indonesian resort island of Bali was released from jail on Saturday, a day after she was sentenced to three months in jail.

Michelle Leslie was detained by police before going to an outdoor party on the resort island on August 20, which means the 24-year-old woman had already served her time.
Yes, as the report I linked above stated, the prosecution just decided to reduce the charge, a reduction of over 14 years. Hmmm, so, Australian model arrested for supposedly carrying two ecstasy tablets, originally sentenced to 15 years, converts to Islam, sentence is reduced and she is released upon conviction. Very mysterious.

Wearing sunglasses, a sleeveless shirt and jeans, Leslie smiled as she walked out of Bali's notorious Kerobokan jail with her lawyers. She did not speak to the media.

Media reports have said Leslie, in her mid-20s, converted to Islam after she was arrested, and court documents had identified her as Muslim. During the trial she often wore conservative garb and white Muslim veil.

The case involving Leslie has attracted wide media coverage in Australia, where she modelled under the name of Michelle Lee.

The Adelaide-born woman is one of a number of Australians to face drugs charges in Indonesia. She was arrested after police searched her bag before a party and found two ecstasy tablets.

Another Australian woman, Schapelle Corby, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in May for smuggling 4.2 kg (9.259 lb) of marijuana into Bali from her home country. That term was cut on appeal to 15 years.

Nine other Australians are also on trial in Bali on charges of trying to smuggle heroin from the island to Australia. They face the maximum penalty of death.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


3 1/2 Year Old Egyptian Girl : Jews Are Apes And Pigs, The Quran Says So

A sickening example of the brainwashing in the Arab/Islamic world and the hatred present in the Quran. I still can't understand why our "educated" leaders claim the Quran to be a book of peace and tolerance. Even this 3 1/2 year old girl knows better. (click either picture to see the video)

Of course, it's "oppression" that leads to the hatred of Jews in the Muslim world

The "lady" above expresses her glee at how well the toddler knows her Quran

Extracts from the video :

Amer: How old are you, Basmallah?

Basmallah: Three and a half.

Amer: Are you a Muslim?

Basmallah: Yes.

Amer: Basmallah, do you know the Jews?

Basmallah: Yes

Amer: Do you like them?

Basmallah: No.

Amer: Why don't you like them?

Basmallah: Because.

Amer: Because they are what?

Basmallah: They are apes and pigs.

A couple of questions and a request for my readers.
i)In the Bible or the Torah, do you ever recall G-d stating that the Jewish people are apes and pigs???
ii)In the Bible and the Torah, does G-d teach hatred of the Jewish people???

If your answers to the above questions were both no, then please read on. Actually, if you think the answers to the above questions are yes, then this following audio clip is even more important for you to listen to (although you may already be beyond help).

Ok, now for the harsh truth, then the clip.
Our leaders are lying to us. They are appeasing an enemy that feeds on appeasement and by the time most realise this, they will either be too far in denial (cognitive dissonance and all), or it will already be too late to do anything about the situation we will find us in. We are slowly being drawn into a situation where all peoples in the west (starting with Europe) will be under the control of extremist Islamic forces and we will only have ourselves to blame. Why is this so bad, some of the more naive amongst you may be asking. Isn't Islam a religion of peace, like so many politicians and celebrities claim?

In short, no, Islam is not a religion of peace, and sure as hell doesn't mean peace. Allah is not the G-d of the Jews and Christians, in fact, Allah was the Moon idol of the Arabian pagans. Jesus in the Quran is not Jesus from the new testament, even though a lot of Muslims will champion Jesus as being a Muslim prophet, usually to garner support from Christians who know very little about Islam, the Quran teaches of a different man. The Quran states that Jesus will return as a Muslim, make pilgrimage to Mecca, declare Jihad (Islamic "holy" war) against the non-believers and destroy the Churches and Crosses.

Now, if I still have your attention, then please listen to this audio clip on the deceptions of Islam (click here). The video is only 28 minutes, listen and learn. You won't regret it and it may even save western civilisation from destruction (well, it's a start anyway).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Peaches Geldof To Spend Fortnight At An All-Female Muslim Commune For A TV Documentary

The 16 year old daughter of Hobo look-a-like Bob Geldof (who still hasn't ended poverty in Africa) will be spending a fortnight "immersing" herself in Muslim culture in an attempt to "smash negative western preconceptions of the faith once and for all.". That's right dopey, tell us how really it is.

Daddy, daddy, please use the production company you co-founded to help get me on tv. Pleeeeeeeease!

Sir Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches will spend a fortnight at an all-female Muslim commune for a TV documentary - in a bid to remind viewers there is more to the religion than fundamentalism.

The feisty 16-year-old is determined to immerse herself in Islamic culture and smash negative western preconceptions of the faith once and for all.

She explains, "I want to learn more about the spiritual side of the Muslim religion to broaden people's minds away from fundamentalism.

"I'll be living with the women, meditating and learning a traditional dance, which the Chelsea girl in me is going to find a little embarrassing!"

Well, at least she's going into it with an open mind.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Saudi Tolerance Watch - 750 Lashes For Teacher Who Discussed Bible And Spoke Positively Of Jews

While the BBC is reporting about the "distorted" view that westerners hold of Islam being a non-peaceful religion, some true representatives of Islam, the Saudis, show us what tolerance in the Muslim faith is all about :

Roads Of Tolerance In Saudi Arabia, Where Only Muslims Can Be Citizens

A court in Saudi Arabia has condemned a teacher to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes in 15 weeks for having “mocked Islam”. The teacher, denounced by colleagues and students a year and half ago, had discussed the Bible in class and spoken highly of Jews. The victim said the charges were made against him by fundamentalist colleagues who were against his moderate positions.

The sentence, handed down on 12 November, was published the following day by a Saudi daily. Al-Madina reported that the crime of the chemistry teacher, Mohammad Al-Harbi, was that he had promoted a “dubious ideology and declared that Jews are in the right”. The teacher is also charged with having “discussed the Gospel and not allowing students to leave class to wash before prayer”. At the time, the man was teaching in the Al-Fwailiq high school in the town of Ein Al-Juwa.

Interviewed by the Arab press, Al-Harbi described the sentence as “cruel”.
He said the students who levelled charges against him were angry because they had not passed a monthly chemistry test. “They asked me if they could repeat it and I refused.” The teacher said the students had been manipulated into taking legal action by some teachers of Islamic studies, who did not look well upon Al-Harbi’s views. The latter had often said he was against terrorism and fundamentalism, trying to sensitize youth in the school.

Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem, the teacher’s lawyer, said the verdict was “illegal”: any case regarding “a sacrilege must be tried by a special religious tribunal and not by a regular court. Besides, the defence did not have the right to hear any witnesses. We will file an appeal as stipulated within 10 days.”

The Education Ministry removed Al-Harbi from his teaching post and transferred him to the Education Office of the Ein Al-Juwa council. When the teacher asked for the reason behind the action, he was unable to receive any clear answers.

In Saudi Arabia, freedom of worship is prohibited to all religions except Wahhabi Islam. Any public manifestation (like having a Bible or wearing a cross) is banned. According to the latest annual report compiled by the US State Department on international religious freedom, “freedom of worship does not exist” in Saudi Arabia. This is the second year running that the nation has been listed as a country “of particular concern” (CPC) by Washington; the acronym is used to denote a situation where grave violations of freedom of worship may lead to sanctions.

The same dossier of the US State Department for 2003 denounced the use of “discriminatory and offensive language” in Saudi Arabia against Jews, Christians and non-Wahhabi Muslims in text books of state schools, during Friday prayer in mosques and in government-controlled media.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Long Live The Queen

While Prince Charles has been busy gallivanting around America trying to pursuade President Bush that Islam really is a "religion of peace", the full video of the July 7th bombers confession has been released to a British paper, along with a statement from a well known R.O.P. terrorist group (Al Qaeda) who declared that Queen Elizabeth II is "one of the severest enemies of Islam". The entire article is a must read :

Ayman al-Zawahiri, number two in Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda global terror network, named Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as "one of the severest enemies of Islam" in a video seen by the Sunday Times.

The British weekly newspaper said it had obtained the full 27-minute Al-Qaeda tape which claimed responsibility for the London July 7 suicide bombings that killed 56 people, the four bombers included.

The Sunday Times said MI5, Britain's internal security service, had passed the warning on to Elizabeth's protection team.

Parts of the video were broadcast in September on the Arabic television station Al-Jazeera.

A man identified as Mohammad Sidique Khan, speaking in a northern English accent, told viewers that Western atrocities against Muslims drove him to bomb a London Underground train.

Khan, an education assistant and father of one from Dewsbury, near Leeds in northern England, was the suspected ringleader of the July 7 gang.

The video was accompanied by a separate message from Zawahiri, though the two were not seen together or at the same location in the tape.

A senior government department official told the Sunday Times: "MI5 is aware that there are some pieces of the video that have not been aired. They are aware of the bit of al-Zawahiri talking about the Queen and they have notified the relevant authorities."

The full video is circulating on secure jihadist websites used to inflame and recruit terrorists, the newspaper said.

Zawahiri also warns Muslim leaders in Britain who "work for the pleasure of Elizabeth, the head of the Church of England".

He said those who followed her were saying "We are British citizens, subject to Britain's crusader laws, and we are proud of our submission".

In a possible dig at the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) main umbrella group, which had instructed mosques to inform on potential terrorists, he attacked "those who issue fatwas, according to the school of thought of the head of the Church of England".

In the previously unseen footage, Khan, 30, said: "It is very clear, brothers and sisters, that the path of jihad and the desire for martyrdom is embedded in the holy prophet and his beloved companions.

"By preparing ourselves for this kind of work, we are guaranteeing ourselves for this kind of work, we are guaranteeing ourselves for paradise and gaining the pleasure of Allah.

"And by turning our back on this work, we are guaranteeing ourselves humiliation and the anger of Allah. Jihad is an obligation on every single one of us, men and women."

But our leaders assured us that the July 7th attacks had no religious motive, especially none connecting the attacks to Muslims. The, from what it seems, HIGHLY EDITED VIDEO CLIP SHOWN TO THE BRITISH PUBLIC BY OUR HONEST MEDIA of one of the July bombers confession also made it appear that there was only a political motive for the bombings. Are the media working with the terrorists, could our leaders be hiding the truth from the public and shouldn't this be front page news?

Friday, November 11, 2005


Bali Bombers Video Message Found

Of course, just because they say that they believed their attacks would get them a guaranteed ticket to Allah's heaven (hell to all the infidels reading), doesn't mean this has anything to do with religion.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Your Tax Money Pays For Terrorism - Update

[this link here gives more detail on this topic, including details that the US directly gave $4.4 Million to fund the al aqsa terrorist organisation wages :( ]

One day after the terror attacks in London, the leaders at the G8 pledged to give the PA a $3 Billion handout, even though Abu Mazen made no attempts to crack down on Islamic terrorism carried out by his own factions.
So you'd think that Mr Bush and Mr Blair would be slightly upset to know that money from the PA police funds, paid for with yours and my tax money (where do you think that $3 billion came from?), is going straight to Members of a Fatah linked Islamic terror organisation, The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (btw, al aqsa means, the Mosque, very peaceful remember).
Oh, and they declared their support for the Iranian Terrorist President's statement to wipe Israel of the map.
War on terror? Pull the other one :

(A "Peaceful" Al Aqsa Rally, Now They're On Official Police Salaries)

A "military wing" of the Palestinian Authority's ruling Fatah faction declared its support Sunday for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's desire to see Israel "wiped off the map."

For those unconvinced that the various terrorist organizations that make up the PLO/PA ever truly abandoned their own long-stated aspirations to eradicate the Jewish "stain" from the Middle East, the announcement came as little surprise.

In a leaflet published by Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, the group stressed its "identification with and overall support of the position and declaration of the Iranian president, who called with all honesty to wipe Israel off the map of the world."

Ahmadinejad was correct in labeling Israel a "fictitious Zionist state, which will disappear with the help of Allah," according to the leaflet.

The Brigades warned against official recognition of Israel, as doing so "constitutes contempt of the Palestinian people, who sacrifice their blood every day for the sake of freeing Palestine and Jerusalem."

The group was referring to daily attempts by its own members and other "Palestinian" terrorists to mass murder Jewish men, women and children.

Unnamed PA officials insisted the leaflet did not represent the position of the regime of PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas.

"We strongly condemn the leaflet," one told The Jerusalem Post.

Attempting to play down the incident, the same official suggested the leaflet "does not even reflect the position of the Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades."

Oh, of course not.

The Palestinian Authority is currently working to integrate the Brigades into its official police forces.

For the Brigades to openly call for Israel's complete destruction at this time would call into question the wisdom of such a move, and the PA's own intentions for having initiated it.

Under the terms of the Oslo Accords and Road Map peace agreements, the PA is obligated to disarm and dismantle groups such as the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.

Abbas hopes that by paying them police salaries, the international community will see that commitment as fulfilled. Washington has indicated it will play along, and is financing the move, PA sources told Middle East Newsline last week.

Many members of the group already draw official police salaries, including a top Gaza-based terrorist killed in an IDF missile strike last week after his involvement in numerous Kassam rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli towns.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Islamic Extremists Deported To Britain

That's right, they're so extreme, even the Islamofascists in Lebanon don't want them, but we seem more than happy to welcome them back. Errr, hello? Mr Blair? Mr Straw? Have you been watching the news recently? Islamic uprisings in Paris?

FOUR key lieutenants of Omar Bakri Mohammad, the banned Islamic cleric, have been expelled from Lebanon and deported back to Britain.

Their expulsion comes as the British authorities attempt to deport to Beirut a number of Lebanese radicals who have been identified as a terrorism risk. Bakri fled to Beirut, fearing that he would be arrested in Britain as part of the Government’s promised crackdown on so-called preachers of hate.

Bakri claimed that he had flown to Lebanon on holiday in August but Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, banned the cleric from returning to his London home. The four men rounded up in Beirut were there helping Bakri to set up a religious school and are allegedly members of his banned al-Ghuraba group. Anjem Choudray, the cleric’s deputy, blamed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for orchestrating their deportations. Whitehall would not comment on the case.

Bakri’s followers say he cannot find work. The cleric has claimed an estimated £250,000 in state benefits since claiming asylum in Britain 20 years ago. He has complained about being followed. Mr Choudray described his deportation from Beirut as “outrageous”. He said that the Government is deliberately trying to isolate Bakri by deporting anybody who tries to help him.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Australians Stop Major Terror Attack, Arrest 16

And what do the supporters of these terror suspects do on their way to show solidarity with the Jihadists? Why they beat up a cameraman in broad daylight. Remember, Islam is peace, believe it or face the consequences :

ABU BAKR - Algerian Cleric and Bin Laden Supporter

Police in Australia claim to have foiled a major terrorist attack after they arrested 16 people on Tuesday in raids across Sydney and Melbourne.

Nine people appeared in court in Melbourne, including Abu Bakr, an outspoken Algerian-Australian cleric who has praised Osama Bin Laden.

In addition to the 16 people arrested, one man was in critical condition in hospital in Sydney with a gunshot wound in the neck, after he allegedly opened fire on police.
Allegedly? Is the BBC suggesting that the Australian police are lying?

Prosecutor Richard Maidment told the Melbourne court that the nine men had formed a terrorist group to kill "innocent men and women in Australia".

He said they received military-style training in rural Australia and had discussions about bomb-making.

Prosecutor Mr Maidment said that members of the Sydney group "have been gathering chemicals of a kind that were used in the London Underground bombings".

Mr Maidment said that Abu Bakr was the leader of both the Melbourne and Sydney groups.

Supporters of the arrested men clashed with news cameramen outside the courts in Melbourne and Sydney.
Click here to watch the video of the men attacking the cameraman (about halfway in)

Police raided 23 houses in Sydney and Melbourne early on Tuesday, as part of the country's largest counter-terrorism operation.

The raids involved about 500 police officers and followed a 16-month investigation, officials said. Chemicals, weapons, and computers were seized, police said.

"I'm satisfied that we have disrupted what I would regard as the final stages of a large-scale terrorist attack, or the launch of a terrorist attack," Mr Moroney told Australia's ABC radio.

Police declined to give details of the likely target of the attack, but Victoria state police chief Christine Nixon specifically ruled out next year's Commonwealth Games, to be held in Melbourne.

But the authorities have said in recent months that suspects had carried out surveillance on the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, railway stations and the Melbourne stock exchange.


Arab History Revisionism : Editor of Al-Quds Al-Arabi On Al Jazeera - We Are the Real Victims of Nazism

Now before we continue, we're going to take a few short history lessons :

Lesson 1 ;

Muslims and Arabs Supported Hitler

1933 - Arab Nazi political groups [xiv] spring up throughout Middle East:
Young Egypt. Led by Muslim Brotherhood member Abdul Gamal Nasser (future Egyptian President). Young Egypt’s political slogan “One Folk, One Party, One Leader” is a direct translation from German of Nazi slogan.

1936 - Amin Al Husseini (founder and President of the World Islamic Congress, a close ally with hitler and other nazis, click here for video of Husseini meeting Hitler, or here for a picture of him at a nazi dinner party, or here for him saluting his Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS troops)

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Islamic Pro Terror Rally, London - The Full Video Is Here

Just over a week ago, Muslim extremists held a pro terrorism rally in Trafalgar square, London, where they sang Islamic prayers, then called for the destruction of Israel.

Don't believe me? Watch the full video for yourself :

Click Here For The Download Page

notes :

The video is just over 40 minutes long and unedited.
The 1st minute is blank.
The rent a rabbi's mic wasn't working for half of his nonsense speech.
The first 15 minutes is mostly the setting up, with the majority of hate speeches in the second half.

[click here for the last post which has more detailed information about the rally]

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Al Quds Hate Rally, London - Updated

On sunday the 30th of October, an Islamic hate fest was held in Trafalgar Square, London, at the base of Nelson's column. It was spearheaded by advisor to Hamas, and advocate of Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, Azzam Tamimi and the phony ""Rabbi"" Ahron Cohen, who is a member of an extremist minority group of supposed orthodox Jews, called Neturei Karta. Neturei Karta allow themselves to be used as a "Jewish" justification for Muslims and groups of Neo Nazis to call for the destruction of Israel. They also claim to speak for all religous Jews, yet there wasn't one religous Jewish man, woman or child amongst the non organised group of about 8 of these phonies attending the rally.
At several points, the Muslim speakers called for the complete destruction of Israel, at one specific point referring to the Jewish state as a "cancer that must be eradicated from the body of humanity" which was met with cheers of "Allah Akbar". At another, a speaker states that it is "about time a Muslim leader is to make clear that Zionism ... needs to be wiped out" which was also met with repeated cheers of "Allah Akbar"
You would have thought that some of the speeches would be considered incitement to hatred or even a call to war, but maybe I'm just being paranoid (I will be posting the whole video as soon as I work out the best way of hosting it. If you use any of these pictures, please link back to me) :

Below is a whois of Azzam Tamimi's (one of the speakers, 3rd pic from the top) website, The Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London. [Click here for the transcript of Mr Tamimi justifying the 7th July terror attacks in London]

Lastly, just in case you are wondering, the yellow flags in the London pro terror rally represent the Neo-Nazi Islamic terrorist group, Hezbollah, as shown in these pictures from the middle east (the last picture is of a Hitler youth type rally organised by Hezbollah.)


8th Night Of Paris Intifada - Updated

Muslim youths have rioted in Paris, France for the eight night in a row. It is said that the riots were started/fueled by rumours of 2 Tunisian youths being chased by police and hiding in a power station, where they were elctrocuted by accident to rioting is beyond me. It seems more likely these riots were pre-planned and coordinated as they have spread like wildfire all over Paris. Why do I suspect this? The witnesses stated that they never saw the boys being chased. When it is time for the uprising, it seems that any excuse will do :

Rampaging youths shot at police and firefighters Thursday after burning car dealerships and public buses and hurling rocks at commuter trains, as eight days of riots over poor conditions in Paris-area housing projects spread to 20 towns.

Youths ignored an appeal for calm from President Jacques Chirac, whose government worked feverishly to fend off a political crisis amid criticism that it has ignored problems in neighborhoods heavily populated by first- and second-generation North African and Muslim immigrants.

The riots started last Thursday after the electrocution deaths of two teenagers who ran from a soccer game and hid in a power station in the northeastern suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois after they saw police enter the area. Youths in the neighborhood said police chased the boys to their death.

French authorities have said that officers were investigating a suspected burglary and not pursuing the boys, a view backed up by an interim report by the national police inspectors office released Thursday.

Investigators said the boys Mauritania-born Traore Bouna, 15, and Zyed Benna, 17, of Tunisia knew of the dangers of hiding in an electric substation as they sought to evade police. The report also cites two witnesses saying they did not see the boys being chased. A third boy, Muttin Altun, 17, was badly burned.

Nine people were injured in Seine-Saint-Denis and 315 cars burned across the Paris area, officials said. In the tough northeastern suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois, youth gangs set fire to a Renault car dealership and burned at least a dozen cars, a supermarket and a local gymnasium.