Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Australians Stop Major Terror Attack, Arrest 16

And what do the supporters of these terror suspects do on their way to show solidarity with the Jihadists? Why they beat up a cameraman in broad daylight. Remember, Islam is peace, believe it or face the consequences :

ABU BAKR - Algerian Cleric and Bin Laden Supporter

Police in Australia claim to have foiled a major terrorist attack after they arrested 16 people on Tuesday in raids across Sydney and Melbourne.

Nine people appeared in court in Melbourne, including Abu Bakr, an outspoken Algerian-Australian cleric who has praised Osama Bin Laden.

In addition to the 16 people arrested, one man was in critical condition in hospital in Sydney with a gunshot wound in the neck, after he allegedly opened fire on police.
Allegedly? Is the BBC suggesting that the Australian police are lying?

Prosecutor Richard Maidment told the Melbourne court that the nine men had formed a terrorist group to kill "innocent men and women in Australia".

He said they received military-style training in rural Australia and had discussions about bomb-making.

Prosecutor Mr Maidment said that members of the Sydney group "have been gathering chemicals of a kind that were used in the London Underground bombings".

Mr Maidment said that Abu Bakr was the leader of both the Melbourne and Sydney groups.

Supporters of the arrested men clashed with news cameramen outside the courts in Melbourne and Sydney.
Click here to watch the video of the men attacking the cameraman (about halfway in)

Police raided 23 houses in Sydney and Melbourne early on Tuesday, as part of the country's largest counter-terrorism operation.

The raids involved about 500 police officers and followed a 16-month investigation, officials said. Chemicals, weapons, and computers were seized, police said.

"I'm satisfied that we have disrupted what I would regard as the final stages of a large-scale terrorist attack, or the launch of a terrorist attack," Mr Moroney told Australia's ABC radio.

Police declined to give details of the likely target of the attack, but Victoria state police chief Christine Nixon specifically ruled out next year's Commonwealth Games, to be held in Melbourne.

But the authorities have said in recent months that suspects had carried out surveillance on the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, railway stations and the Melbourne stock exchange.


You might notice that on my site, I have an ongoing series of posts entitled, "Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemy." The point of these posts is the Islamists almost always tell us the truth, and you just gotta love them for it.

This Abu Bakr has been shooting his mouth off for months. Anyone who paid attention to Aussie news knew he was a problem. And, well, look at what he is involved in. Wow.

Who woulda thunk it?

I love it when they talk like that.


it reminds me of an audio clip I was listening to a while back, the guy talking said there are two types of Islamist, smart ones and stupid ones.
The smart ones spout the religion of peace line, whereas the stupid ones make their intentions well known.
I think we should pay more attention to the stupid ones.


As an Australian, fairly left wing creature, I believe in non biased, non racist and non religious predjustice.
The recent attack on the camera man outside the court shows how "above the common law" these young male muslims truly believe they are.
We need to rope them in. We need to teach them that their behaiour is totally unacceptable in OUR society.
The police should get the camera footage, arrest these guys, charge them with everything they can, send them to jail, and the publicise the hell out of it!
They have to learn that they can not come here and turn this country into Iraq!


Shit yeah!

Cos the Brits already came her and turned it into little England.


I love Australians. U have no idea what it's like living in london. White people are a minority in some areas. Edgware Road is approx 7 miles from north london to central london. It is only muslim and african. HELP US !!!


Thanks for taking a stand and not being complacent like the rest of us;)

By the way it is good to see there are quite a few others like yourself.

Saw ur comments featured in the news.com.au
mega site:
australian terrorism blogger comments

At least these someone is sitting up to take notice of these opinions

Keep up the good work!


Only doing what I can, and thanks for the link to the news site. I was racking my brain trying to figure out why I got about 400 unique australian hits after blogging this :)




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