Friday, October 28, 2005


Iran Hate Speech Update - Brainwashing The Children For Allah The Merciful

Anyone who is a regular reader here would have seen my previous posts on indoctrination of children in the Arab/Islamic world. As this pic shows, in Iran things are no different :

Iranian school boys attend an anti-Israeli rally marking 'Al-Quds Day' (Jerusalem Day), to support the Palestinian cause, in Tehran, Iran

Poster of the Jewish symbol in flames, check! Guns to wave at the camera, check! Holding up the V for victory, check! Congrats, you are now an Islamonazi terrorist in training.


This is truely brainwashing, these children need some guidance they need some deomocracy. Only america can give it to them. Why should we let Iran go through another 25 years of tyrany. these kids in this picture are just having fun they don't know any better. Look at the kid throwing a peace sign, another holding a gun.


you're right! american christian children never play with guns. obviously more american ideaology will make the world safer and better.


Referring to the comment on Monday, September 11, 2006 9:14:53 PM: Ridiculous... don't be daft. I knew someone would bring this up. How many 'american christian children' do you hear of blowing themselves up in restaurants, bus stations and airports?

You see? I thought about that one! American kids may play with guns, knives and dabble in household explosives.. but you'll never(used loosely) see them blow themselves up for Allah( or Jesus, for that matter). I'm currently working on a post-graduate research project investigating whether chemicals in Big Macs suppress selfless terrorist tendencies.

Why, just compare the number of suicide bombings in the Middle East to those in the United States. And now compare the number of McDonalds franchises in the United States to those in the Middle East. Notice a pattern?

I say we bomb them - with Big Macs! In just a few years they would all be too fat and lazy to walk to a bus station, let alone bomb one. Capitalism is the way, and greed is the only inhibitor of suicidal violence - make McNuggets, not war!


what are you trying to say? are you with isrealis or against them?


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