Friday, October 28, 2005


Another Terror Attack Foiled

Yesterday Israel carried out an airstrike in Gaza in a response to the Islamic terror attack in a market place at Hadera 2 days ago. 7 terrorists were killed, including a commander of the "al-Quds Brigades". Several others were also injured due to the increased blast from the explosives in the car. Looks like another terror attack thwarted, well done IDF (via drunkenblogging) :

The multiple casualties in the IAF assassination of an Islamic Jihad senior terrorists in Gaza Thursday were caused by explosives that were in the terrorist's vehicle, IDF sources said.

According to the IDF, the explosives in the car detonated following the missile strike, causing a blast that injured many.


You know, I figure the IDF knows who a large percentage of the terrorists are. I hope they take them all out. They gave the Palestinians land, and the Palestinians are not acting as a responsible state. That ought to mean war.


unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Israel, or "palestinians". It breaks down to the Muslim world not being able to live with the repeated humiliations that the Jewish state brought upon it in 4 defensive wars and the fact that a Jewish state exists. If the Arabs had accepted the '48 partition and not waged instant war, we wouldn't be in this position. But they weren't happy with 90% of the british mandate that was given to them in the form of Jordan (80%) and the Arab state (10%).
Israel should have known better than the recent pullout though. Especially when you consider that the consensus in the Muslim world is to wipe Israel off the map and "push the jews into the sea".
Land for peace was no brainer.

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