Tuesday, October 25, 2005


5th Bomber Nicked!

It would appear that for 4 months, a 5th bomber who was lined up for the 7th July bombings in London, has been walking freely with seemingly no police knowledge of who he was.
How was he caught? He told a newspaper that he was meant to be the 5th bomber :

A BRITISH-born Muslim was arrested on Saturday night after he told the News of the World he was lined up to be the fifth 7/7 bomber.
Imran Patel, a fanatic who has had arms training in Pakistan, was cornered by a team of 20 anti-terrorist officers at 8.45pm and taken to Leeds police station for questioning.
He had claimed he was asked to join the attack on the capital by his pal, terror cell leader Mohammad Sadique Khan.

Before the July atrocity,
Khan and the other London suicide bombersShehzad Tanweer, 22, Jermaine Lindsay, 19, and Hasib Hussain, 18— met at Patel's home in Dewsbury, West Yorks. They watched extremist Jihad (holy war) videos calling for Muslims to launch a holy war.

And they held discussions about their "mission" to carry out terrorist attacks in Britain.

Patel decided NOT to join them when they suggested one of their targets should be a school where the victims would be innocent children.

But even though he refused their invitation to join them on their sick mission—52 people died and 700 were injured in the attack on London's transport system—he did not tip off police about their intentions.

He says he did not want to see Muslim "brothers" jailed. (48:29, that is -dolph.)

he told a News of the World reporter that he knows at least half a dozen other Muslims from Dewsbury who have had training in camps in Pakistan and are now back in Britain. He says he is friendly with another young Muslim who is close to launching an atrocity here.
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He must have been gutted when So13 Anti-Terrorist Squad sealed off the road.

Whats alarms me is how many other's are there like this guy, that knew of the terror attacks and said nothing? Dozens, at least.

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