Sunday, October 23, 2005


Brainwashing The Teens For Allah The Merciful

Why have I posted these pictures? To show you what media would never dare. To dispel the media myths that "palestinian" Muslim children are being killed by Israeli soldiers looking for target practice. These children are raised with one sole purpose. To die for Allah and kill Jews/Infidels on their Journey down the road to becoming a Shahid (martyr for Islam). These children are sent out by their cowardly parents and communities armed to the teeth, in order to gain media and public sympathy in the west. After all, they don't care if their children die, but they know you do. Child soldiers are the ultimate propaganda tool in Gaza and the west bank(Judea and Samaria) and the more they're used, the more sympathy and money is gained from the west for this satanic cause.
So the next time you're reeled in with the lie that the "palestinian" Muslims want peace with Israel, that "palestinian" Muslim children are simply getting caught up in the gun fighting and that the "palestinian" Muslims desire to live alongside the Jewish state in harmony, think back to my post and ask yourself, are these parents raising their next generation with ideas of peace, tolerance and understanding?

Click the above picture to see a video of a mother talk of the joy of her sons death (becoming a shahid). Although she does admit that she would have prefered one of her other sons had died, she is still "joyous". Also note how the mother states that all children of his age dream of becoming martyrs for Islam. (click here for more videos, including the talking puppet of death)

[This is the second of a three part series, (click for part 1 - brainwashing the children). Also note that there will be 2 more parts in this series. Brainwashing the toddlers for Allah the merciful and human shields for Allah the merciful]

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