Thursday, October 20, 2005


UK Muslim Chatroom : "We should, all of us, glorify the terrorism"

Of course, this is either some sort of zionist trick, or these people represent the absolute minority of muslims, the invisible minority that only pop-up in video confessions after a suicide attack.
What strikes me as odd though, is that these statements were made in a chatroom called "The Muslims In The UK", not "extremist Muslim misunderstanders in the UK". Which makes you wonder why all the moderate Muslims that OBVIOUISLY visit that chatroom don't set him straight and inform him of the peaceful (as yet undiscovered by infidel eyes) version of Islam. I know it's out there, the MCB said so.

A Ynetnews investigation has uncovered online recruitment of British Muslims for participation in terror attacks; 'We should give them another magnificent day in history' threatens one man

A declaration of war on Britain and the West is continuing to be issued by British Muslims in the United Kingdom, as the pro-jihad message of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, recently banned from Britain, is echoed by his followers who have remained behind.

Ynetnews has monitored late night chat room sessions on the Paltalk chat network, used by Bakri six months ago to declare war on Britain.

Mizaan, who told listeners “that is my real name,” said: “There is the camp of Islam and the camp of Kuffar (non-Muslim). Today we still have these two camps. And today there is the camp of Islam behind Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, the emir (leader) of jihad today, and we have the camp of kuffar led by George Bush with his cross. So yes we are two distinct groups, and we should never stand with the kuffar.”

“Islam is better than everything and it will rule over the whole world, whether the kuffar likes it or not,” declared Mizaan.

“We should, all of us, glorify the terrorism. And we should incite religious hatred. Don’t worry… it’s not illegal for us to say that mujahadin (jihad fighters) on 9/11, were the magnificent 19, and it’s not illegal for us to say that Mohammad Sidique Khan (the suicide bomber who blew himself up in London) and the four on 7/7 (London attacks), that they were the fantastic four – now we can say so without any worry.”

“We will always glorify killing the kuffar in the name of Allah. To raid the kuffar in the name of Allah. Even if some women and children are caught in the raid by accident. They are part of them, it is not your fault,” said Mizaan.

“The kuffar wants to force their own homosexuality on the Muslims. The mujahadin have every right to hit back. So don’t be surprised if the mujahadin do another 7/7, and another 9/11,” he said.

“In fact, we should give them another magnificent day in history. Another fantastic four (the four London suicide bombers). We should hit them time after time, day after day, every single week, every single month, every single year, we should hit them from every side, from the left and the right. From the planes above them, and the trains below them, we should hit them every way we can.”

“Even if it’s just a man kuffar, if your target kills him, even if 20 women among them are killed by accident on the way, it is no problem. And that is what happened with the shahada (martyrs) when they went to raid,” said Mizaan.

“So don’t think what happened on 7/7 or 9/11 was something new, no, that’s the Sunnah (sayings and actions of Muhammad). There’s never been jihad without casualties.”

A user in the room, “veiled flower,” eerily asked what a fiancé of a “mujahadin” should do if he was preparing to martyr himself. She was told by the speaker to encourage him as much as possible in order to assure herself “a place in jenna (heaven).”

Meanwhile, a recently reactivated website, al-Ghurabbaa, which has a UK domain web address, carries sermons given by Omar Bakri.

“The martyrdom operations in Palestine are so beautiful,” said Bakri in one recording available on the site.

“Let your death occur in the battlefield, this is the best way to die,” he said. “If you make yourself really available in jihad… Allah will accept you as shaheed (martyr) inshalla (with God’s help).”

“It is very important for us to remember, especially for those of us that are youth… whoever himself went to jihad, jenna (heaven) for him is inevitable.”

A document on the website entitled “the permissibility of self sacrifice operations” provides religious justification for suicide bomb attacks, stating that “for definite the one who wants to seek to be killed, must do an operation, to leave the mark - of the dead bodies, the defeated enemies. Whether your body is one piece or many, or the enemy's bodies are one piece or many. In a martyrdom operation, it is not possible that he should return unscathed, it is necessary that he will be harmed and will target to be killed in the operation,” reads the statement.

Another document tells readers that “terrorism is a part of Islam.”

It declares that “There is no such thing as an ‘innocent’ kafir, innocence is only applicable for the Muslims; do not say ‘innocent’ for the kafir.”

A professionally prepared video from the website defines the term ‘ghurabbaa’ as “strangers” who left their societies to wage jihad, and says modern ghurabaa are al-Qaeda terrorists.

“Go with them and join them as Allah has commanded,” says a message on the video, before showing images of the 9/11 terror attacks, and Osama Bin Laden, accompanied by sounds of machine gun fire and religious chanting.

Images of kidnapped hostages in Iraq who are later beheaded are also shown. “Oh Muslims, be with the terrorists!” exclaims the video, which ends with the question: “Will you be the ghurabbaa of the future?”

“I still study with Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad. He used to be in the UK with us, we used to study with him as much as we could. And inshalla (with God’s help) he’s my only sheikh,” said Mizaan. “He is doing very well in Lebanon,” he added.

Meanwhile, a new threat to European countries from the international jihad movement has also appeared on a website which frequently displays Islamist videos and declarations,

One video, made by the "Global Islamic Media Front," which is al-Qaeda's propaganda wing, has recently appeared on the site displaying the British Isles engulfed in flames. "British citizens have to take the decision now," reads a message against the background of images of British forces in Iraq., which previously posted threats by a jihad group to attack Sweden, has now put up posters by an unknown group, "The Glory Brigades in Northern Europe," which shows a bloodied map of Denmark and a caption that reads: "Death will visit Denmark." Images of men with machine guns and explosive devices are seen next to a map of Denmark. Another poster warns that "the Mujahadin have numerous targets in Denmark," and displays images of trains and buildings in the Scandinavian country, alongside a photograph of explosives devices.

"Very soon you will regret this," reads a caption, possibly referring to a Danish newspaper's request to readers to send in drawings of Islam's prophet, Muhammad, a move that has infuriated Danish Muslims and prompted large demonstrations.

The 'Glory Brigades' also threatened the British capital in a jihad poster that reads: "New York, Madrid, London now it’s your turn. Target: London."
Our enemy has identified us. How long will it be before we identify them?
(btw, just in case you think this might be scaremongering, Ynet had reported nearly 2 months before 7/7 that Hamas was threatening to carry out suicide attacks against the UK, WHICH DID HAPPEN! It also might interest some to know that the British media refused to cover the Hamas story, except who later pulled the article from their site)


The world is indeed becoming a chaotic place and it's not for governments to put it right. Sometimes I I wonder if they deliberately don't actually want to do it... whatever the truth may be... I know one thing for sure that if, we, the common people have enough strength in us, we can bring about a change. We must unite, and fight, this menace of terrorism... that's the only way to outdo it... we must contribute towards making the world a safer and peaceful place for our children... together!


Well it's only a tiny minority!


I think this is relevant: BBC News article


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