Sunday, October 16, 2005


7 Myths About Islam

Jihad means holy war? Islam isn't a religion of peace? Poverty doesn't produce Islamic terrorism? You mean our politicians have been lying to us? Nah, never. (I've only put the titles of each section here, click the link for the full breakdown)
There are in particular seven myths about Islam and Islamic history that have been repeated so often in the media that they’ve achieved conventional wisdom status

i) First, it is untrue that Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion

ii) Second, despite the claims of even President Bush in a number of public statements, Islam is not solely a “religion of peace.”

iii) Third on the misinformation parade is the allegation that jihad does not mean holy war

iv) Fourth is the whopper that Islam spread peacefully from Arabia, as if the followers of Muhammad went door-to-door ringing doorbells and handing out brochures

v) The fifth tiresome myth is that the European Catholic Crusaders started the war with Islam and that for eight centuries Muslims have been brooding over the horrible injustices thereof

vi) Another fairy tale about Islam is that poverty produces terrorists

vii) And finally, we have politically-correct mendacity number seven, which even British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently repeated: that Islam has been “hijacked” by terrorists


Let's face it though, Boris Johnson for example has never propgarted any of these mistruths. It is only the loony left wing / just plain ignorant politicans that have spouted this crap.

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