Monday, October 10, 2005


Islamonazi Watch! Head Of Radio Islam [Sweden] : "Our War Is Against The Jews"

[Via] is this video of the head of 'Radio Islam' (radio submission to us infidels) of Sweden giving an interview about popular Islamic thought on "the Jews" and his belief that they are a "cancerous tumour" who control the world and everything in it. The interview was given on Al Manar tv which has been banned in the US for backing Islamic terrorist organisations . (click for video link) :
"The Jews in the West - and this has become a tradition - have 100% complete control of the media, of the political parties, the trade unions, and the publishing houses. They politically control all the parties, from right to left."

"....the Jewish occupation of the West resembles a cancer, a cancerous tumor, which the body cannot feel, and so it can spread. They are trying to do the same thing in the Arab world. They use the normalization of relations to make this tumor spread throughout the Arab and Islamic world, and to paralyze us, to turn into cancer."

"...the Koran says that our battle is with the Jews. Zionism is not mentioned in the Koran. Our war is against the Jews."
Transcript Link...
Why do the people who really do intend to take over the world, always accuse the Jews of trying to take over the world? :


Islamists don't do irony. Well come to think of it they don't do anything involving humour. Fascists.


Maybe both of them would like to take over the world.


well, the main difference is, islam commands it's followers to take over the world, whereas judaisms followers are only commanded to secure Israel, which is a tiny, tiny country.

That and there are only 15million jews, yet 1.5 billion muslims.

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