Thursday, October 06, 2005


"Honour" Killings In The UK

A year ago a few papers reported on the large amount of so called "honour" killings being carried out in the UK and the fact that over the last decade there may been over a hundred murders committed that police suspect could have been "honour" killings. Well, it's one year on and nothing has changed :

A UNIVERSITY student was murdered to “vindicate a family’s honour” after he fell in love with their daughter and made her pregnant, a court was told yesterday.

Chomir Ali, a Bangladeshi Muslim living in Oxford, ordered his son, Mohammed Mujibar Rahman, tokill Arash Ghorbani-Zarin for the “shame and dishonour” brought on their family by Mr Ghorbani-Zarin’s relationship with his daughter, Manna Begum, it was alleged at Oxford Crown Court.

Julian Baughan, QC, for the prosecution, said that Mr Ali, a 44-year-old waiter, became “angry” in summer 2003 when his 19-year-old daughter began going out with Mr Ghorbani-Zarin, 19, who was from a Muslim Iranian family living in Oxford. Mr Baughan told the trial that Miss Begum already had a marriage to someone else arranged for her; but despite her family’s disapproval, the lovers continued to see each other, the court was told.

On November 20 Mr Ghorbani-Zarin was found dead in his car, a green Renault, in Spencer Crescent, Oxford, which is close to his home. He had been on his way to watch a DVD at a friend’s house. His friend began looking for him when Mr Ghorbani-Zarin did not turn up.

He was found with 46 stab wounds, mainly to the chest, the trial was told. His head had been tied to the headrest of the car following his death, Mr Baughan said, and he was found by passers-by. Mr Baughan alleged that Mr Ali’s son, known as Muji, had committed the murder. Muji, 19, was arrested the next day.

The father and son are standing trial for murder.
Also on trial for murder is a 16-year-old, who cannot be named.


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that's pretty sad. i try to put myself in other people's cultures (cultural relativism) but I just can't understand taking someone's life.

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