Monday, October 03, 2005


Peaceful Protests In Gaza

The BBC (biased broadcasting corp) described it as a mere protest. Yet I'm sure that if I ran into the British parliament and protested by firing assault rifles in the air I would be either promptly shot and killed, or if I was lucky, wounded. Of course the beeb did forget to mention the fact that they were firing guns, but where would British news reporting be without it's pro-"palestinian" bias. (click for bbc link, yahoo link below)

About two dozen Palestinian policemen broke into the Palestinian parliament building Monday, firing in the air to protest what they said was the humiliation police are facing because of attacks by Hamas militants.

In clashes between police and Hamas in Gaza City and the nearby Shati refugee camp on Sunday, Hamas gunmen attacked a police station with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. The camp's deputy police chief, Ali Makawi, was killed in the fighting.

The clashes raged for about six hours, and subsided only around midnight Sunday, after Egyptian mediators stepped in. It was the fiercest internal fighting since 1996.

"Yesterday, we did not have enough bullets," said one of the protesting policemen on Monday. "We had nothing to protect ourselves.

"Give us as least bullets to protect people and to protect our stations," he said. "Our commander died in front of us, and we were running out of bullets."

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