Monday, October 03, 2005


Jihad Turns Inwards In Gaza

It seems that the Islamic terrorist organisations in Gaza didn't meet their quota of civilian deaths this month, so they shot a few of their own to catch up a bit. Please also note that Hamas "took over" a Mosque and used the loudspeakers to mobilise their forces. Which is strange when you think about the fact that Mosques are places of peace, you know, because Islam is the religion of peace and all that. Also, another thing we're told is that the terrorists are a minority amongst Muslims, so I wonder, where were all the "moderate" Muslims when Hamas tried to take over this house of peace? Most strange indeed. (there is also a video on the newslink)

Three Palestinians were killed in an outbreak of Palestinian infighting in Gaza on Sunday, medics said, adding that 50 people had been wounded. Medics said the dead in the fighting between Hamas members and Palestinian police included a local police commander, a woman and another civilian.

In the wake of the violent fighting in Gaza Sunday, which erupted after Palestinian Authority officers attempted to confiscate weapons from terror groups' gunmen, leaders from both sides have moved to trading accusations over which organization was responsible for the escalation.

According to a statement issued by the PA, the Hamas was responsible for the violence, which culminated in the deaths of three people and left at least 50 wounded.

Earlier Palestinian sources in Gaza said Hamas terrorists were firing mortar shells at Palestinian Authority police stations in Gaza City neighborhoods.

As the PA forces clashed with Hamas members, Hamas used Gaza's mosque speaker system to mobilize its forces.

Also on Sunday, one Palestinian was killed and two others were wounded in Gaza when Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorists opened fire at protesters who were demonstrating against the increase in gas prices.

Issa Baraka, 35, and two other drivers were hit. According to the protesters, more Fatah members arrived and opened fire as well.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades apologized for Baraka’s death, stating that the incident stemmed from the fact that its members were hurrying to an important meeting and were delayed as a result of the road-blockings.

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