Sunday, October 02, 2005


Iraqi Anglican Heads Feared Dead

Hardly a week after Iraqi church leaders gave a warning that appeasement towards terrorists from British Anglican leaders might cause more problems for Iraqi Christians, the entire 'lay leadership' of the Iraqi Anglican church are missing and feared dead (thanks to Subrosa for the link) :

The entire lay leadership of the Anglican church in Iraq is missing and feared dead after being attacked on a dangerous road west of Baghdad.

The five Iraqis were last heard from on 13 September when they reported they had already being attacked travelling on road between Ramadi and Falluja.

Church officials had kept silent about the matter while US forces did checks, but there has been no sign of them.

The Anglicans were returning from a trip to Jordan when they disappeared.

"We have no news of them and fear the worst," Most Reverend Clive Handford, president bishop of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, told BBC News.

Bishop Handford said he thought it was unlikely that the five were specifically targeted.

"They had just entered some of the most dangerous country in Iraq, where there are an enormous number of robberies. People will steal cars, money, anything of value, and sometimes people get killed."


God, 'left wing' agendas are consistently igniting havoc around the world.

It just makes you so angry that people can live in their comfortable little home in Devon or wherever, and naively put others people's lives on the line with their own selfish, dhimmitudius comments.

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