Sunday, September 25, 2005


What Allah wants, Allah gets

A great article by Julie Burchill (currently columnist for the times). I'll be posting the whole thing here, so feel free to comment (via

"What Lola wants, Lola gets" goes the old torch song; in recent years "What Allah wants, Allah gets" is more to the point over here. Faith schools, hijab in state schools, forced marriage, honor killings, polygamy, female genital mutilation performed in upmarket London clinics; not for nothing do the French sneer at us as "Londonistan."

And now what the self-appointed leaders of the Muslim community i.e. the mouthiest, pushiest of the bunch want is, apparently, an end to U.K. Holocaust Memorial Day.

This day was first marked on January 27, 2001, by our prime minister and great war leader Tony Blair, who spoke thus: "As Holocaust survivors age and become fewer in number, it becomes our duty to take up the mantle and tell each generation what happened, and what might happen again." Any sentient human being with an IQ of more than 2, you might think, could not reasonably disagree with this singularly moderate statement. (Except, perhaps, the premier's wife, Cherie Booth, who once said that she understood why Palestinian cretins felt it entirely necessary to murder innocent Israelis in order to have an orgy in heaven with 72 virgins.) That reminds me of my favorite joke of the moment, as told by the British Muslim female comedian, Sharia Mirza: "Did you hear about the Muslim virgin desperate to lose it? It wasn't really the sex she was interested in; she just didn't want to fuck a suicide bomber when she died."

Well, just when you believed this might be one declaration that human beings of all creeds and colors and belief systems might agree on, enter the mullahs. But the cream of the joke is, this time it isn't even the mullahs who have begged to differ though given the chance they probably would, with something along the lines of their attitude to the Twin Tower murderers "The Nazis were brave warriors fighting for the liberation of their brothers from the parasite Israel. Oh, hang about, it didn't exist then! Oh well, you know them Jews, anyway!" No, the main man behind the objections to Holocaust Day is the "ultra-moderate" Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Knight of the British Realm, member of the Muslim Council of Great Britain and chief adviser to Mr Blair on all things Islamic.

Sacranie and his cronies say they want to see Holocaust Day replaced with "Genocide Day," on which we would commemorate the deaths of all peoples in all conflicts, but what they are really up to is an elaborate and rather sickeningly mealy-mouthed form of Holocaust denial which they are betting we won't recognize as what it is, due to the fact that they are darker in hue than the average Nazi.

Their insistence on equating the deaths of Muslims in territorial conflicts [including, and especially, Palestinians at the hands of Israelis -- ii editor], which might easily be resolved through negotiation, with that of Jews in the Holocaust the racial identity of the victims being the very cause of the slaughter reveals a mentality which is either sub-cretinous or really quite evil. Which is worst, I wonder? Grossly offensive though these latest Anglo-Islamic antics are, I can't help thinking this is yet another own-goal. The alliance between Islam and Nazism is a real, long and filthy one, and more fool the Muslims for once more drawing attention to it.

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