Saturday, September 24, 2005


Hamas Tempted Fate, Fate Answered Back

What took so long is probably the question most are asking. Judging by what has been done and said so far it would seem as though Sharon and his band of appeaserers were waiting for the media to start showing the attacks from Hamas and their cronies before fighting back, but alas, as usual the media was quiet about the continuous rocket attacks from Gaza since the pullout. Until Israel fought back of course :

The IDF has confirmed to The Jerusalem Post that it was responsible for the air strike that killed four Hamas operatives in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City in the Gaza Strip Saturday, just before four p.m. Israel time.

The attack was the third air strike since Israel stepped up its operations against Hamas and Islamic Jihad cells which were responsible for the barrage of 29 Kassam rockets on western Negev communities over the weekend.

The operatives were killed when the two cars in which they were traveling exploded.

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