Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Western Media Ignores Plight Of Indonesian Christians

In another case of persecution against the Christian minority in the majority Islamic nation of Indeonesia, three women have been arrested for holding a sunday service in the privacy of their own homes. As usual, this religous discrimination against Christians is largely ignored by the media, for the main reason that it contrasts far too sharply with the lestist lie that Islam is a religion of peace and that Islam teaches to love non-Muslims, a lie that is told in order to appease the un-appeasable Jihadist Ummah. I mean, if we we're told how harshly Islam really teaches it's followers to treat non-Muslims, we might turn the "docile and peaceful" Islamic community into terrorists, which is obviously impossible because Islam is a religion of peace and is against terrorism. Confused yet?

[The three women were found guilty of converting Muslim children to Christianity after holding a "Happy Week" in their homes in early May - picture from ChristianToday.com]

Three Christian women charged with violating Indonesia’s 2002 Child Protection Act by converting Muslim children to Christianity were found guilty Thursday of all charges.

The trial took place in an Indonesian court with anti-Christian radicals, according to International Christian Concern.

Jeff Hammond of Bless Indonesia Today told Assist News Service that Dr Rebecca Laonita, Ratna Mala Bangun and Ety Pangesti were found “guilty of all charges” and sentenced to three years in jail after running a “Happy Week” (or “Happy Sunday”) programme in their homes in early May.

Mr Hammond said that the women were found guilty despite the fact that the children had attended the event with parental permission and that none of the children had actually converted from Islam to Christianity.

He also said that the sentence was possibly better than it could have been, as witnesses and judges were “constantly under the threats of violence from hundreds of Islamic radicals, who threatened to kill the three ladies, witnesses, pastors, missionaries – and even the judges – if the women were acquitted”.

Mr Hammond also reported to ANS that anti-Christian radicals had showed up to the trial in nine trucks and that they “brought a coffin to bury the accused if they were found not guilty.” He said that the radicals continued to make threats before the session had actually begun and cheered when the verdict was read.

Mr Hammond urged people to “pray for these three beautiful, gentle women, who were just trying to help save the children of prostitutes from going down the same pathway”.


Islam does not pretend to be peaceful and only the naive believe it when it says it is... I want to live in peace with my fellow man, why is that so hard?


This is nothing new, the genocide of Christians in Islamic lands in not reported by the mainstrean press.

The Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Sudan and Saudi Arabia are slowly being eliminated


scarlett, i have removed your post for reasons of racism. Just for your information though, the "palestinians" have no connection to the sephardi Jews. The "palestinians" (who as we all know are nothing more than egyptians and syrians with a new name) are arabs, plain and simple. Kurds are the only people in the region who have genetic similarities with ashkenaz and sephardim/mizrahi Jews. I would also appreciate if you would find somewhere else to vent your hatred of the Jewish people, maybe Cindy Sheehan or Michael Moore have some good blogs where you can talk about all the Jewish conspiracies you like.

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