Monday, September 19, 2005


Senior Bishops Sorry Saddam Is Gone

In what appears to be another case of dhimmi madness from the UK, senior bishops who represent the Church of England have suggested that the COE and other religous groups apologise to the Muslim community for the invasion of Iraq.

So let's clear a few things up ;
  1. They think that we should apologise to Muslims for removing a tyranical dictator who oppressed muslims and stopped them studying their own religion.
  2. They think that we should apoligise to Muslims for removing a genocidal maniac who gassed, tortured and executed Muslims.
  3. And they think that we should apologise for removing a "man" that invaded two of his neigbouring countries, populated by his so called Muslim brethren, resulting in close to a million deaths.

What I recommend is that these bishops hop on a plane to Iraq, go into a town which is inhabited by victims of the satanic Ba'athist regime and see what their reaction is to the apologies for removing Saddam.

The Church of England should arrange a meeting with Muslim leaders to say sorry for the Iraq war, a group of senior bishops suggests today.

In the absence of a Government apology, a "truth and reconciliation commission" involving religious leaders could be formed to apologise for the West's "errors", the bishops say in a new report.

The only error, was not finishing this tyrant off back in '91.


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