Thursday, September 15, 2005


Hitchens VS Gruesome Galloway

Here is a link for the audio stream for the Hitchens vs Galloway debate.

Notice the contrast between the way Hitchens tone is calm and clear, whereas Galloway sounds like a cross between an Islamist Dictator and a modern Oswald Mosley.

From what I've been listening to so far, it sounds like Galloway is coming out far worse. Good stuff. :)


hitchens was very composed in the same way the evil tiger from jungle book was. their similarities are amazing.

hitchens is fairly convincing on a superficial level, but he really gave himself away when he defended bush's lack of action in new orleans as a constitutional issue. really. bush has shown utter contempt for the constitution in bypassing congress and invading iraq.

hitchens is a neocon lapdog.

your blog is very reactionary. congrats, it is entertaining reading!


I'm glad you like the site, it's just too bad it'll be wasted on someone who's been infected with moonbat disease. Please feel free to pass it on to all your rabid leftist friends though.

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