Wednesday, September 14, 2005


World Leaders Agree, Terrorism Is Bad (Or In Other Words, Enemies Need New Tactics)

World leaders have gathered together to confirm a few of the most obvious points in regards to terrorism. Firstly, they agree that terrorism is bad, ok, seems a bit obvious. Secondly they agree that we must put an end to terrorism. Thirdly they agree that encouraging terrorism is a big no no too. How about telling us something we don't know. Like who is behind the terrorism? What is their agenda? Is their motivation religous or political? How many terrorists do these leaders estimate are amonsgt us? Where do they get their funding from? Where do they recruit from? etc..... ( for real answers to the above questions, please visit These are answers which our leaders certaintly won't tell us in case of "encouraging more terror", a double edged sword which our weak leaders suggest to us, that by fighting the root causes of this terror, we will just end up angering the terrorists more, which is just a copout from our leaders not to get their hands dirty and break a few metaphorical eggs in the attempt to save this democratic omelette we call western civilisation )

The British Prime Minister has called for world leaders to unite in the campaign against terrorism.

The British leader said: "Terrorism will not be defeated until our determination is as complete as theirs.

"Until our defence of freedom as absolute as their fanaticism, until our passion for democracy is as passionate as theirs for tyranny."

His resolution requiring action not only against people who practice terror, but those who encourage and support it was adopted unanimously.

President Bush urged compassion for the needy and pressed the global community to "put the terrorists on notice".

"The terrorists must know that wherever they go they cannot escape justice," he said.
So what our leaders are trying to say, is that the "tactic" our enemies use is bad. Our leaders would much prefer if Islamic fundamentalists were nice, and didn't use bad tactics such as terrorism. Our leaders stupidity/ingorance/reluctance really beggars belief sometimes, makes you ask the question, was 9/11 and July the 7th really that long ago?

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