Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Uk Allows Insane "war crimes" Lawsuits Against Israeli Tourists

An extremist group of rabidly anti-Israel lawyers is being led by an Israeli traitor who wishes to see his fellow countrymen who served in the Israeli army sent to jail simply for protecting fellow citizens from extremist Islamo-fascist terrorism (of which there have been thousands of such atrocitites carried out against Israel over the last 5 years alone, for an understanding of what some of these acts were like, think of scenes like that of the July 7th bombings, only on a daily basis for decades and decades, with regular murder of Israeli Jews by Muslim terrorists in between).

Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Doron Almog was the O.C. (Operating Commander) of the IDF Southern Command when he retired in 2003. He boarded a plane for Britain this past Sunday, to raise money for a charitable cause. En route, Almog (pictured) was informed by Israel's Ambassador to Britain, Tzvi Hefetz, that the charges had been filed, and that Almog could expect to be arrested upon landing.

Gen. Almog decided not to alight from the plane, and remained aboard until it turned around and landed again in Israel.

An Israeli-citizen lawyer living in Britain, Daniel Machover, filed the charges - together with the Israeli left-wing organization "Yesh Gvul." The indictment states that Gen. Almog perpetrated war crimes against Palestinian Authority Arabs during the course of his army career. Machover is known to be a long-time vocal critic of Israel's policy against Palestinian terrorism.

Justice Minister Tzippy Livni said yesterday that it is an "unacceptable" situation whereby "Israeli soldiers cannot set foot on British soil." She said that Israel would provide legal aide for anyone persecuted in this manner, and that she intends to pursue a solution for this problem with the European countries.

Atty. Machover is a spokesman and founder-member of Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, a group of British lawyers that has written reports against the Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The organization also that provides assistance to PA lawyers and organizations in legal matters against Israel.

Atty. Machover says he plans to sue Ambassador Hefetz for warning Gen. Almog in advance, and for boarding the plane to discuss the matter with Almog. The lawyer also intends to file additional charges against other senior IDF generals, including Chief of Staff Halutz and former Chief of Staff Yaalon, and have them categorized as war criminals.

Yesh Gvul (There is a Limit) is an Israeli organization that supports Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in the areas of Judea and Samaria. Its support of the British indictment against IDF officers has angered even left-wing MK Yigal Yasinov of the Shinui Party.

"There is a limit to the chutzpah of traitors as well," Yasinov said today. "I expect the members of Yesh Gvul to give up their Israeli citizenship, assume PA citizenship, and to live on the order side of the border." He said he plans to ask the Attorney General and Justice Minister to declare Yesh Gvul a terror-sponsoring organization, outlaw it, and open investigations against its members.

The article which appears on the news page gives details that the lawsuit is being filed on the grounds that the general ordered the use of a 1 tonne bomb against an Islamic terrorist, who was later found to have been using his fellow "palestinians" as human shields, some of which were children (not unusual when you consider that Muslim mothers in Gaza, Judea and Samaria are regularly willing to give their children as human shields [here and here] to wage the Islamic war against the Jewish people/Kaffirs, even going as far as to send 13 year old's out to blow themselves up) .
So does this mean British lawyers will also start filing law suits against our American allies and start arresting US troops who are residing in or visit the UK, for having dropped or served an army that dropped daisy cutters (nearly 7 tonne weight) in Afghanistan in the fight against the taliban? What about some of the huge bombs used in Iraq, by the US and the UK? Or is just just another case of using Israel and jewish victims of terror (not to forget the ones being accused by these rotten lawyers, the soldiers and generals) as the scapegoat for operation 'arab appeasement'?

It's crazy that we are in a situation where terrorists in the UK are protected by all the corrupt lawyers and insane laws in the country and Israeli visitors to England (who are the targets of these same types of terrorists where they come from) are threatened with arrest for simply wanting to fight back or protect themselves in their homeland.


It is with this lunacy in mind that the Islamic terrorists claim that the West are Jewish appeasers...

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