Saturday, September 10, 2005


"Palestinian" Civil War Watch

Well, ever since the Jewish residents of Gaza were forced out of their homes by the traitor Sharon, the "palestinians" have had to vent their anger out on someone else, so they chose to take it out on each other. Here is an update on the reactions of the loyalists to Moussa Arafat, who was executed by a rival group of "palestinian" terrorists earlier this week (live by the sword, die by the sword i guess) :

GAZA (Reuters) - Firing rifles in the air, scores of loyalists of slain Palestinian ex-security chief Moussa Arafat vowed to avenge his killing by militants as he was buried in Gaza on Friday.

"The killers must be punished," chanted dozens of armed men surrounding Arafat's coffin, draped in Palestinian colors as it was borne through Gaza streets on a military vehicle.

"We will give our souls and blood to redeem you Moussa Arafat," they cried, firing shots in the air.

But officials were prevented from joining the funeral march by Arafat loyalists -- who accuse the Palestinian Authority of failing to act against the killers.

Security forces nearby did not intervene as masked militants battled for more than 30 minutes to get into Arafat's home, then dragged him out and shot him dead. His adult son, Manhal, was kidnapped in the raid and released on Thursday.

Militants from the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) claimed the killing, accusing Arafat of collaborating with Israel and corruption.

Abbas office quoted the president as saying that Arafat had been "assassinated by treacherous hands." There was no comment made on whether any action would be taken against the PRC

Gaza is widely seen as a testing ground for the statehood that Palestinians also want in the West Bank and Abbas is under pressure to ensure order after Israel finishes its military pullout next week after 38 years of occupation.

In a clear sign that Arafat's family meant to seek reprisals, they dismantled a tent erected to host people coming to pay condolences -- in accordance with tradition that revenge should come before receiving expressions of sympathy.

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