Thursday, September 08, 2005


Osama Tape Played To Court In Terror Trial

Terrorist propaganda videos were played at the trial of a British Muslim convert who was arrested trying to re-enter Britain 2 years ago. Traces of explosives were also found in the socks in his luggage :

A video tape of Osama bin Laden was found at the former home of a suspected terrorist, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

The recording of the al-Qa'eda leader was played at the trial of 34-year-old Andrew Rowe of West London, who denies three charges of having articles for use in terrorism.

His luggage included a pair of socks that contained traces of explosives. The prosecution said the socks could have been used to clean a mortar launcher.

Mark Ellison, prosecuting, said he was playing the tape in court so the jury could have an insight into Mr Rowe's mind at the time.

Bin Laden, dressed in military fatigues, was shown sitting and speaking into a microphone to call on "the infidel" to leave the holy land.

Later, the September 11 bomber Sheikh Abu al-Abbas in his "living will" called on other young Muslims to give their lives for jihad.

Mr Rowe had also been given four new British passports in seven years, Mr Ellison said, and had visited a number of countries since the 1990s, including Bosnia. "It shows an active interest in visiting some of these areas of conflict," he added.


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