Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Executed For Not Converting To Islam, Brixton, UK

If there was ever clear evidence that violent jihad is being actively waged on the streets of London (apart from the 7th of July bombings, the failed bombs on the 21st, nutcase clerics preaching freely on our soil etc...), this would be it :

A man was shot five times in the head at close range in an "execution" plotted by a group who had failed to convert him to Islam, a jury has heard.

Adrian Marriot's murder was a "swift and brutal response" to him falling out with the group, the Old Bailey heard.

Marcus Archer, Aaron Irving-Simpson and Marlon Stubbs, all 24, deny conspiracy to murder the man from Brixton, London.

Mr Stubbs and Mr Archer had said they had a "missionary zeal" for converting people to Islam, the prosecutor said.

"There may have been some element of pressure brought to bear by the two men but in due course both Tara Marriot and her friend Jade Okai agreed to take the Shahadah, a declaration of faith."

The two women had then been given hijabs, or headscarves, Mr Kinch told the jury.

And Mr Stubbs and Mr Irving-Simpson had brought round DVDs, Islamic books and copies of the Koran.
Well, I'm sure we'll all be told about how we need to look at the "root causes" of these young muslim men's anger. Obviously not the real root causes, like insane ideology, but we'll be told it was because they were poor and uneducated, or something to do with their opressed brothers halfway accross the world. The usual.

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