Sunday, September 04, 2005


Appeasement Most Horrid

Church leaders are organising for the families of the July 7th suicide bombers to attend a memorial which is being dedicated to the victims of those attacks. Now I'm not saying that the family members of those bombers are involved in any way(although the families of suicide bombers elsewhere in the world usually do know, and express their pride [obviously in more extremist Islamist countries] and as in the case of the two british bombers who attacked Israel, the family had known because of e-mails sent by the two). However, if I was a family member of a victim, the last thing on my mind would be having the families of those that killed my relative, at a memorial service for the INNOCENT dead. Would the family members of the 9/11 victims want to meet with Mohamed Atta's parents? Would family members of the victims of suicide bombers in Israel want to meet with the families of the savages that brutally slaughtered their kin. I think not.

CHURCH leaders want to invite the families of the July 7 suicide bombers to a national memorial service in honour of the victims.

The service of commemoration is to be held at St Paul’s Cathedral on November 1 and will be attended by the Queen and Tony Blair.

Government officials oppose the plan because of the sensitivities involved and will take the final decision about the guest list. The proposal has also outraged some families of the innocent dead.

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