Sunday, September 04, 2005


A Disaster in the Making

As usual the "palestinians" don't keep to their part of the bargain (hardly a surprise) and once again the western media ignores it. It wasn't so long ago reporters were calling this new Arafat a "moderate" leader. Sure, whatever you say :

"They receive their reward in the Garden Of Eden," Abbas told the students returning to school. He reminded them that martyrs and suicide terrorists "brought about the withdrawal from Gaza." His comments came only three months after he told the American ABC television network that suicide bombings are a matter of the past.

The PA chairman, who is trying to gain popularity from Hamas terrorist supporters, also told the Jerusalem Arab Al-Quds newspaper that Israel still is occupying Gaza. Israel and the PA have not agreed on procedures at the international border crossing and at the Erez crossing in northern Gaza.

He reiterated the possibility of forming a coalition with Hamas after the planned PAlegislative elections in January, despite dissatisfaction within the American government, which has added Hamas to the list of terrorist organizations forbidden to receive assistance from the United States. A PA coalition government including Hamas would bring into question whether the PA could continue to receive American aid.

You'd think the Americans would be "slighty" peeved that an organisation they handed £3billion to, one day after the 7th july bombings, are joining forces with terrorists who have admitted responsibility for countless suicide bombings, mortar attacks and random killings of jewish, US and western civilians. Would Mr Bush be happy if he knew that that money was going to Osama, because it might as well be. One thing I can say for sure, if he allowed Israel to respond to future attacks from hamas and the people that harbour them, like the American's responded to those harbouring al-qaeda, namely the taliban, this war on terror would be over a damn lot sooner and the world wouldn't be cursed with a 23rd terrorist state, namely "palestine".

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