Thursday, September 01, 2005


Video of July 7th Bomber Released

A video will/claim of responsibility for the july 7th attacks has been released by terrorist news station al jazeera. Well, I hope that now we have a video confession from one of the perpetrators, the 'muslim council of britain' type leaders who having been telling themselves [and their followers] that the London bombings weren't carried out by muslims, can now accept that they were, or will we still hear the denial?

A video of a man claiming to be one of the four bombers behind the 7 July Tube attacks which killed 52 people has been shown on Arab TV.

The man, who said he was Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, talked about his motives on a tape on al-Jazeera.

Khan said the UK government had committed atrocities against Muslims and he hailed Osama Bin Laden.

No video link as yet but I will post the clip as soon as the beeb lists it.

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