Monday, August 29, 2005


Monday Media Madness

Some in the UK may not be aware of who Cindy Sheehan is. In short she is the mother of a brave American soldier who died on a rescue mission in Iraq but unlike most mothers who would be proud of the sacrifice her son made, she has decided to belittle his sacrifice and use it as a stepping stone for her leftist policital motivations. She has lost the support of her relatives and gained the support of the American national vanguard (a nationalist neo nazi organisation), David Duke (white supremacist, former leader of the kkk and convicted fraudster) and various black supremacists/jew haters such as "reverend" Al Sharpton who can all get together for the cause of freedom hating and jew bashing (click for American nazi idol).
Well, now the rant is out the way, here is the main point. Did you ever notice how the media is always there to snap up pics of those "grieving" "palestinian" mums, "palestinian" stone throwers or scared "palestinian" children? Well here's a clue, it's called a set-up :

Sheehan Grieving -

Media Mayhem -

Now that's what i call a mother taking some quiet time to grieve, accompanied by a couple of unbiased reporters /sarc. [hat tip to lgf click for link]

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