Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Boycott This!

I hope all the 'boycott Israel' liberals that pass this blog make sure they don't have any of those Zionist pc chips in their machines. Didn't you know some of the top Intel chips are developed in Israel? So while you're browsing indymedia looking for the date of the next protest outside M&S, do some research and make sure that pc of yours isn't sending secret messages to the Zionist conspiracy (and if you have to open up your pc, make sure you wear your aluminium hats, for your own safety ;) OH, AND BY THE WAY, I WAS BEING SARCASTIC :

The Intel Corporation has unveiled its next generation micro-architecture, a multi-core processor which was completely developed at its facilities in Israel. The processor - which was introduced last week at the Intel Development Forum (IDF) in California - will be used in all Intel-based computers from next year.

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