Friday, September 02, 2005


Another Double Standard, Ignored!

Not only are Jews and Israeli citizens banned from living or visiting nearly all Muslim and Arab countries. Not only are Jews and Israelis being banned from living in the hell-hole of what will be the new "palestinian" terrorist state [probably for the best], which is being created BY Israel, but just to top it off, Jews are not allowed to have their dead buried anywhere on what Muslims seem to consider "holy" Islamic soil. Sort of like a members only club where infidels don't have rights.
Yet in Israel, the country which is always unjustly singled out for being "prejudiced", a country where 20% of the population are made up of Muslims and non Jews, Muslims and Arabs can live, buy land, bury their dead and even run in the knesset, the Israeli parliament. It would be nice if a British or US paper could run a story on this insane double standard, but I'm sure they wouldn't want to be considered pro-Zionist, especially at a time when the western media is trying so hard to understand terrorists and
convince our governments to give into their demands. :(

Thursday September 1, 06:15 PM

The Israeli flag wrapped on a coffin is seen reflected on the sunglasses of a relative during a mass re-burial funeral ceremony in central Jerusalem.

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