Friday, September 09, 2005


Facing The "Palestinian" Lies

At least someone is speaking up about the lies created by the "palestinian" spin machine, which is in turn funded and aided by gullible/willing western governments and news media outlets. Let's just hope more people are willing to expose this, so the world can really see what sort of "peace partner" Israel has to deal with :

Speaking in Jerusalem, former Shin Bet chief says Palestinian Authority failed to live up to even one agreement reached during past five years, provides examples of lies uttered by PA leaders

During a lecture in Jerusalem, the former security chief addressed the five years of intifada and developments in the Palestinian arena. In his talk, he extensively described the Palestinian culture of lies and failure to deliver on agreements.

“This cannot go on,” he said. “It’s important not to allow the Palestinians to work with us while resorting to the culture of lies.”

Dichter said Israeli trust in Palestinian pledges has been gravely undermined in the past five years as a result of the Palestinian tendency to bend the truth.

“We must not accept their culture of lies, but we must be familiar with it,” he said. “They are our partners for better or for worse. Lately, it was more on the ‘worse’ side.”

When asked to provide concrete examples for his charges, Dichter shared two stories.

“Another, more serious example, was when Yasser Arafat pledged to President Bush that an activist who fired mortars was detained…I arrived at a meeting and heard the news from the Palestinians: ‘Avi, you can be certain, the man is in prison,’ Abu Ala (Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia) told me. PA negotiator Saeb Erekat added: ‘definitely.’

“The thing is, Jibril Rajoub attended that meeting, and he knew the man wasn’t in jail, he knew that I know that the man isn’t in jail, and he knew that I know that he knows the man isn’t in jail. When he was asked whether the man was detained he replied ‘sort of’ – covering the entire range between yes and no. The next day, that man reached heavens after a missile hit his car in Bethlehem.”

Later, Dichter turned his attention to Palestinian terror organizations and said the groups are doing everything in their power to reestablish infrastructures in the West Bank, while continuing to develop Qassam rockets.

“The moment the Hamas can carry out an attack, it will do it,” he said. (read the rest)


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