Thursday, September 15, 2005


Pallywood - MUST SEE FILM!!! - Free Link Here

This is my most important post yet and will probably be amongst the most important posts I will ever publish. This is a short, 18 minute, MUST SEE FILM about how YOU, ME and the entire world has been fooled by our media and the "palestinian" spin machine that is funded with OUR money. PLEASE WATCH THIS FILM. Even if you have been brought up to hate Israel. If you have any self respect, you will watch this film and see the so called news you believe and demonised Israel for, shown for the theatre performance it really is. Here is the link to the page where the movie is located [click here] (and I suggest watching the high quality link if you have a fast enough connection)
Pallywood, "According to Palestinian Sources..." a film by Richard Landes & Nidra Poller. International news media extract a few convincing instants of staged scenes - sight-bytes, and present them as news...

Please, if you believe the truth will prevail, send this to as many people and news agencies as possible and make sure you watch this video.
See children diving in the air pretending to be shot by invisible Israeli troops and then watch the fake footage being spliced together by "palestinians" and western news agencies.
See how a "palestinian" woman who gave birth in a hospital was told by cameramen to lie and say the baby was delivered by her husband at a checkpoint because Israeli soldiers wouldn't let her through.
See how the doctor then lies and claims the hospital was attacked by 12 shells, yet there are no holes in the wall.

See it all for yourself.

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