Tuesday, September 20, 2005


"Palestinian" Child Abuse

Apart from the usual tactic of using children as human shields/bombs it seems the "palestinians" are also using their children as drug mules.

The Palestinian Authority admitted on Sunday that children were being used in the smuggling business along the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

According to the sources, PA policemen deployed along the border in the past 48 hours have arrested a number of children who were carrying drugs in schoolbags. "The children were unaware of what they were carrying, but they gave the security forces important details about those responsible," the sources added.

Col. Mahdi Zanoun, head of the PA's anti-drug police unit in Rafah, said his men have seized more than one ton of drugs, as well as alcohol, that were smuggled from Egypt over the past few days. He said more than 70 Palestinian and Egyptian suspects have been arrested in connection with the smuggling of drugs.

Meanwhile, thousands of Hamas gunmen, in one of the organization's largest shows of strength, marched through Gaza City on Sunday in what was regarded as a direct challenge to Abbas's efforts to restore law and order. The gunmen carried assault rifles, rockets and anti-tank missiles as they marched in the streets.

What a great state fascistine will be. Just like all the other Islamic dictatorships in the region. /sarc


Those sick sons of b**&^&s

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