Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Israeli Muslims Declare 'Temple Mount Belongs To Islam'

In what seems to be a common tradition in the history of Islam, it's followers will declare that all non-Muslim's religions are false thus enemies of Islam, people that follow these religions are pigs/apes and enemies of allah (the merciful™), all should convert to Islam (or die/be dhimmified), all places of worship are to be destroyed or converted into mosques, but most of all, Muslim leaders have been long known for their wild exaggerations (not to mention making loopey accusations) when it comes to inciting their worshippers to attack Jews and other infidels.
Now just before any readers accuse me of attacking the "religion of peace" without grounds, I suggest you read the following :

The Judeo-Christian world's holiest site, Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, will forever remain under Islam's dominion, vowed a venerated Muslim Israeli Arab Friday.

Speaking to some 70,000 supporters in the northern Israel town of Umm el-Fahm, Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raad Salah urged all Muslims to converge on the Temple Mount to defend it against “Jewish aggression.”

The sea of Israeli citizens appeared united in their hatred of their state, chanting in unison their intention and desire to oppose any Israeli activity at the site.

Salah told the chanting crowd that Israel was laying siege to the Al Aqsa Mosque that occupies the holy site by installing a new security system to ensure Muslims could no longer hurl stones from the top onto Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall below.

Salah also claimed the Jews were at this moment building a subterranean city under the mount.

“We will make every effort to protect the mosque, and we hereby announce the operation of dozens of buses that will bring thousands of people to al-Aqsa every day so they may defend it,” Ynet quoted Salah as saying.

“We will redeem the mosque with blood and fire,” he declared, to roaring cheers from the mob.

Salah's tirade comes close on the heels of a pledge last week by Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar to continue the group's terrorist war against the Jews until “the flag of Islam is raised over Jerusalem.”

Islam views as an affront renewed Jewish control over the holy city, after the followers of Mohammed conquered and subjugated Jerusalem more than 1,500 years earlier.

Muslims fear the Jews will one day rebuild their temple to the God of Israel, in accordance with biblical prophecies. With that in mind, today's adherents to Islam have broken with their own tradition and with history in claiming the Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount.

The prophets foretell that once the temple is rebuilt, the Messiah will descend and establish his throne on that holy hill. The Muslims have sealed off the Mount's eastern gate (also known as the Golden Gate) in an apparent attempt to deny him entry.

So just to clear things up, members of the ROP are angry that they can't hurl stones and rocks at Jews who are praying at Judaism's holiest site (now where's that Islamic tolerance i've heard so much about?) and they are also claiming that the "jooos" are building a magical subeterranean city under the mount (yes yes, read the article, I didn't make that up). Now that's why I call a crazy mullah!(no, not this crazy mullah)
Just to add, I also hope that this preacher will be arrested and chucked in jail, just as the police in Israel would do with any Jewish citizen who incited violence or threatened to attack Muslim "holy" sites. Or would that be too much to expect from the 'give land for peace' Israeli leadership?


In Islam, doesn't everything belong to Islam?



There are many examples, as was observed on Radio 4, of special sites being respected by several religions, why does that not happen here?

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