Thursday, September 22, 2005


"Palestinian" Self Inflicted Wounds

More truth comes to light in this article from Melanie Phillips which details what is laid out in the UN's HDR report. Not only does it confirm the fact that the "palestinian" arabs do better than any of their arab neighbours when it comes to their standard of living (something that would be obvious if you carefully watch the news reports which show the pal arabs driving around in new cars, wearing brand new clothes and carrying brand new weapons, not stones) but it also backs up that the plight of the "palestinian" arabs is self imposed.

What is even more revealing is that in tables on p 220, the Occupied Palestinian Territories are in the medium cluster with an HDI of 0.729 – a better standard of living than the Arab states overall which have an HDI of 0.679. On the Human Poverty Index, the territories are ranked seventh on a list of 103 developing countries, with other Arab countries ranked below them. Saudi Arabia is ranked 32; Syria is 29; Iran is 36; Egypt is 55; liberated South Africa (all those who accuse Israel of ‘apartheid’, please note) is 56.

Now what is the one factor which the Palestinians have that other Arab states do not have, the factor which lifts their living standards above even those Arab states which have massive oil wealth? It is their close economic relationship with Israel, both in terms of the jobs that Israel provides for them and the massive amounts of aid that Israel pours in to the territories. And what has been the Palestinians’ response to this country which is so crucial to their living standards? Why, to murder its citizens in great numbers and try to destroy it altogether. And what has been the outcome of that genocidal campaign against Israel, apart from murdering large numbers of Israelis? Why, to put Palestinian development into reverse.

Is this the biggest self-inflicted wound in history?

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