Sunday, September 25, 2005


Wanted Islamic Jihad Terrorist Descends To Hell

Good news from the frontline in the "war on terror" :
Senior Islamic Jihad terrorist Sheikh Mohammed Khalil was reportedly killed in an Air Force missile strike in the Gaza Strip Sunday evening.

Palestinian sources said two people were killed in the attack and four others were wounded after a missile was fired at a vehicle traveling in Gaza.

Atef Qatrous, 22, said he was leaving work when he saw a missile hit the car. One of those inside was decapitated and another was badly wounded, he said.

The army confirmed it had launched an airstrike.

Sheikh Khalil was responsible, among other attacks, for the murder of the Hatuel family in Gaza several years ago, an attack that shocked Israelis and left a pregnant woman and her four daughters dead.

Khalil is also responsible for the terror attack that killed five IDF soldiers on May 2004, at the Israeli-Egyptian border.

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