Wednesday, September 28, 2005


How To Betray A Loyalist

Has the IRA disarmed? Maybe, maybe not. Is there any proof that they've disarmed? Not one thread of evidence says they have. So why is our Government taking their word at face value? Are members of the IRA honest terrorists? Would they really lie?

After 35-years, an end to the bloodshed? Are we really being asked to believe that the provisional IRA has destroyed all its arms in a move that consolidates its announcement in July that its campaign to end British rule in Northern Ireland was over?

“The people of Northern Ireland watched a programme which illustrates more than ever the duplicity and dishonesty of the two governments and the IRA,” said Mr Paisley, yesterday.

The British government want out of Ireland. It has always been a thorn in their side, and the latest backdoor dealing, allowing the Northern Bank robbery, and now this whitewash of an alleged arms decommissioning, is all part of a far more sophisticated campaign, one that the DUP could ever hope of dreaming up.

At face value, it seems a mutually profitable deal for the British government and the IRA, with the DUP having been engineered into appearing as party-spoilers following their statement that they will keep Sinn Fein in quarantine for two years before it even considers power sharing with the Republicans.

That Loyalist paramilitaries would even consider giving up their arms following such a cobbled together, non-transparent Republican decommissioning process, is out of the question.

Perhaps the IRA leadership has put ‘some’ arms beyond use – in Northern Ireland – rest assured that the bulk of the weaponry are now in the hands of fringe groups or over the boarder.

So, where, right-minded people may ask, is the evidence of this arms and explosives destruction? Handcuffed by the IRA’s “confidentiality” rules we simply have the word of John De Chastelain and two clergymen. There are no photographs, not one frame of video film; no handout lists of armaments, no physical record of how this arsenal was destroyed nor where. We are not even allowed mere sight of a single destroyed revolver or rifle.

Finally realising that they will never win by the use of the gun, the IRA have gained the upper hand in Northern Ireland without another shot being fired. They have stolen the march on the DUP and UUP and now they will move south.

The UUP have hit the nail on the head, stating: “It is imperative that the movement’s criminal empire be dismantled as well.”

Well, with the best intentions, the UPP can dream on. Using its vast wealth, much of it stolen and obtained through graft, corruption and Mafia activity, the IRA are encouraging IOUs, buying their way into Dublin and the south’s political machine like winners at Monopoly.

A thinking terrorist is a highly dangerous terrorist, and the IRA are past masters at playing the game. They have bought the British government who has sold out the DUP and UUP. With their target, now a weakened Southern Ireland, and lining their pockets with Dublin political elite, there will now be a period of relative stability in NI.

The IRA and the British government have, in the short term, achieved some peace in the province. The fact that there will be no executive power sharing for several years, if at all, means not a jot.

Then the IRA will return to NI, and that will mean Armageddon.

It is the biggest political ‘Bargain Basement Sale’ in history.

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