Tuesday, October 04, 2005


AFP, Taking The Lead In Biased Reporting

Some news outlets really do know how to add bias to a news story, and the AFP is a prime example.
The title of
this news report is ;

"Calm in Gaza as Israelis kill Palestinian"

Sounds clear enough? The Israelis just randomly killed a "palestinian", right? Well, let's read the first line of this news report ;

"Calm returned to the Gaza Strip after deadly internecine clashes and police protests over dire insecurity problems, as Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian mother of five in the West Bank."
Again, this sounds really clear. Israeli soldiers just randomly shot a "palestinian" woman for no reason at all. Well that's how it would look to someone glancing over the page, what they'd also probably notice is the 'mother of five' bit, which doesn't seem to have much relevance, but has been added in for what I can only assume is an attempt at propaganda.
However, it isn't until you're almost at the bottom of the story, that the reason why she was shot is stated ;

Haifa Hindiya, a 36-year-old married woman, was killed after she slashed the female officer in the face with a knife near the town of Nablus.

So it seems that the AFP used this terror attack, flipped reality on it's head and turned the story into a media attack on Israel. What really adds insult to injury though, is that earlier today, the AFP had intially given the article a more balanced title ;

Palestinian woman killed after stabbing Israeli soldier

The earlier story also stated the reason for the shooting of this terrorist just under the title ;
Israeli soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian mother of five at a checkpoint in the northern West Bank after she stabbed a female soldier in the face, sources on both sides said.
Just in case any are interested, the Rueters version, also states that this woman was on her way to carry out a suicide mission '

Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian woman who stabbed a soldier at a West Bank checkpoint on Tuesday and a militant group said she had been on her way to carry out a suicide attack in Israel.
Lastly, if you'd like to know the supposed reasons why she did this (that's right, the ROOT CAUSES), ynetnews.com claims (through PA sources), that she was a "She was a battered wife and acted out of desperation".
Seems there's always an excuse.


Beyond belief that such news giants can have such mindless moonbats/ Islamist reporters/editors in their midst.

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