Friday, October 21, 2005


Bias Watch! Director of the Institute for Islamic Political Thought : "The Guardian is especially supportive of our causes"

Just under two days ago, a journalist was kidnapped in Iraq. Now he's been released and is under the protection of the Iraqi government. He was released quickly you say? Why did he not face the fate of so many others who were kidnapped and beheaded, I hear you wonder? After all, he was a western journalist working for a British paper.
Well, this man works for no ordinary paper. He works for the Guardian and it seems from this article that the Guardian has a lot of support amongst the Muslim community in Britain due to it's "balanced coverage of the Middle East and for providing a platform for a range of voices". It would also seem that the Guardian has the support of these terrorist kidnappers too.
What's even more interesting is that has just released
a video clip broadcast by the terrorist news outlet, Al-Jazeera, which shows the 'Director of the Institute for Islamic Political Thought' pleading for the terrorists to release the Guardian journalist because he "represents one of the newspapers which are most supportive Arab rights, and of human causes".

Al-Jazeera Video Transcript (click here for the video link)

"This journalist (Rory Carroll) represents one of the newspapers which are most supportive Arab rights, and of human causes. We are saddened when any journalist is victim to such an action, but we even more saddened when this journalist is a friend, like this journalist."

"Today I contacted my colleagues in the Muslim Association of Britain and the leaders of the Islamic community. They are all worried, because The Guardian is especially supportive of our causes and strongly apposed the invasions of Iraq and of Afghanistan. It played a role in exposing the scandals in Abu Ghuraib and other tragedies that have befallen our brothers in Iraq. That is why we call upon whoever kidnapped him and anyone who knows anything that may lead to his release, to help in this, because this is a noble and brave man who supports our causes. He is Irish and the Irish are, by nature, supportive of the Arab issues. The Guardian, as I have said, supports Arab rights in Palestine and Iraq, and it supports the Muslims in general."

We do not know who the kidnappers are. Perhaps they think that he is a rival or an enemy, and do not know that he is a friend.
This is why we appeal to them, through Al-Jazeera TV, so they will realize he is our friend and also their friend.
So let's clear it up. The director of Islamic political thought appeals to the terrorist, stating that the journalist is "our friend" and should be released because he works for a British paper that supports common interests that the director,the terrorists and the Islamic world share. I wonder what those common interests are. Any guesses people?


The Guardian - balanced! LOL. Sometimes I just wish the Guardianistas would just fuck off and live in Iraq.


Though on balance, the Iraqis have done nothing to deserve this.


This article and this blog is a great find. Good work.


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