Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Arab Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Israeli Civilians

There has been yet another Islamic terrorist attacks against Jewish civilians in Israel (they avoid targetting their own, except when there are no Jews to kill), with 5 civilians being killed whilst they were out shopping at a market. Ynet also carries an article that states the orders for the terror attacks are coming straight from Syria. As usual, Israel will be asked to show restraint from every world leader and be the only country not allowed to defend itself against terror. The wimpy Ariel Sharon will reassure the Israeli civilians by bombing a few buildings in Gaza. THESE BUILDINGS WILL AS ALWAYS BE EMPTY. Thus the story of Israel's self destruction continues :
Terrorist Bombing Strikes Hadera Market (Arutz Sheva)

A terrorist bombing in a Hadera open-air market killed five people and wounded more than 30 Wednesday afternoon.

Shortly before 4:00pm, an Arab suicide bomber made his way into the market in the northern city and detonated explosives he carried on his person. The initial police investigation points to a white vehicle that may have transported the terrorist to the Hadera market. Reports that the terrorist was a woman were later denied.

Four people were pronounced dead at the site of the attack, while the fifth victim died on the operating table at Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera. The many wounded, five of whom are listed in very serious condition, were evacuated to local hospitals.

The Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the murderous attack in Hadera. Though the organization has said it would avenge last week's killing of top terrorist Luis Saadi, it is doubtful whether such an attack could have been arranged on such short notice. It is therefore assumed that this attack against Israel was in planning long before Saadi's death.

This was at least the 4th murderous terror attack in Hadera since the Palestinian Authority instigated the Oslo War five years ago. Previous attacks in the city:

* In Nov. 2000, two people were killed by a car-bomb in the city.

* In Oct. 2001, four women were killed by PA policemen from Jenin who opened random fire on a crowded street from inside a car.

* In Jan. 2002, a terrorist entered a Bat Mitzvah celebration and opened random fire, killing six.

Several bombs were detonated in the city during this period, but without murderous results. In May 2001, for instance, a car bomb exploded on a crowded Hadera street, but the only person killed was the driver of the car bomb himself.

In other terrorism incidents over the holiday, two 20-kilogram (44-lb.) explosives were found and neutralized near the fence surrounding northern Gaza... An IDF position was fired at from southern Gaza... For the third time in several weeks, terrorists fired at an IDF position near N'vei Tzuf, in the Binyamin region; an Arab was hurt by the army's return fire... Two firebombs were hurled at an Israeli car near the Tapuach junction; no one was hurt... In a clash with terrorists in Jenin, an IDF vehicle was damaged.


Orders come from Damascus (Ynet)

Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem, speaking in response to the terror attack in Hadera, have said that the instructions to carry out the attacks come from Damascus and are carried out through local terror cells.

Following the Qassam rocket attacks on Monday evening, diplomatic and military sources also said that the Islamic Jihad is receiving its orders from its central command in Damascus.

The sources say that the attack is not revenge, as the terror organization is attempting to portray them, "but rather a matter of clear strategic policy. It's part of the decision by terror groups to transfer their center of activities to Judea and Samaria since the disengagement. Not a single one of them buys the strategy of Abu Mazen, according to which an agreement with the terror organizations can be reached via dialogue and negotiations," said a source in Jerusalem.

Responses to the attack have flooded in from across the political spectrum.

Minister Haim Ramon called for the assassination of Islamic Jihad members. "This is a small organization," he told Ynet, "it is made up of a few hundred members. Their identities are known to the Authority and there is no reason not to act against them. I know that the order for this attack came from Damascus. I know that that this organization operates within the territory of the PA, and the PA must stop them immediately."

Knesset Member Yuli Edelstein (Likud) said that the Islamic Jihad are "harvesting the fruits of the disengagement." Knesset Member Nissan Slominski (National Religious Party) attacked the prime minister, saying: "Until when will the Russian roulette and the cold blooded murder of Israelis continue? Abu Mazen is proud of the fabricated calm and the Islamic Jihad is celebrating. Sharon has to fight terrorism and not deal with the funding of new ministers."

In reaction to the attack, Communications Minister Daliah Itzik cancelled her meeting with Palestinian communications minister, Sabari Sayidam, which was meant to be held in Tel Aviv. "We can't sit and talk with the Palestinian leadership… while innocent Israeli civilians are murdered by Palestinians. We expect the Palestinian Authority to start acting, to disarm the extremist terror organizations, and to prevent criminal attacks.

Knesset Member Aryeh Cohen (National Union) said: "I call on the prime minister and defense minister, who promised the Israeli nation an improved security situation after the disengagement, to resign."

He added sarcastically: "This is a revenge attack by a murdering terrorist who was in Israeli custody, and released because he didn't have blood on his hands."

Knesset Member Ran Cohen (Meretz-Yahad) blasted the attack, saying, "In order not to start a third intifada, Mahmoud Abbas must stop terror immediately and prove that he is different from Arafat. Likewise, Israeli leaders must not deceive the public. It should be said bravely that without diplomatic steps, a vacuum will be created into which terrorism will enter."
So is this the harmony Israel is meant to accept from the religion of pieces? Mr Bush, Mr Blair and Ms Rice (the trio of traitors) all claimed that if Israel gave Gaza to these phony "palestinians" (in reality they are Egyptians, as Gaza was annexed from Egypt, not mythical "palestine)", ethnically cleansed 10,000 Jews from their lands and promised more suicidal handovers, there would be "PEACE IN OUR TIME". Well there ain't no damn peace! There never will be until these so called "palestinians" (aka the voice and tool of the Arab and Isamic world) have achieved their goal of pushing all the Jews into the sea. Just look at this slideshow for proof, these "palestinian" flags cover all of Israel! They don't want a state next to Israel, that want an Islamic state OVER Israel! Wake up Israel and fight back!


Good post, J.

Did you know that Iran's President said yesterday that he wants Israel "wiped off the map?"

We live in interesting times.


yup, i just read it on your blog.

This is nothing new from the self proclaimed "true aryans" (i'll have to post a pic of the iranian fans nazi saluting the german fans in a friendly game last year).

A few weeks ago the new terrorist leader of iran said he would nuke israel as soon as he got the chance.

What pisses me off the most, is that this never gets any mention in the news. Could you imagine how much airtime the story would get if the israeli pm made those same statements about iran.

Thank f*** for memri, that's all i can say.


Absolutely disgusting...

This doesn't seem appropriate, sorry, but can I ask you to amend the link to my site to '/blog/' from '/weblog/'... It makes no difference except that your site doesn't appear in the list of referrers otherwise!

Back on topic, Iran should be thrown out of the UN RE: pastorius' comment.


done and done. let me know if i didn't do it right.


Perfect, thanks.

What, do you think, is the solution to the Palestinian problem given that the murders haven't stopped following the Gaza experiment?


First, no more withdrawals and no more prisoner releases. Second, cut off all food, water, medical and electricity that is supplied by israel (yep, the "brutal opressors" give them all these things for free) and let them survive on the however many billion a year handouts they get from the eu, un and anyone else stupid or evil enough to give them money (also boot out any foreign "palestinian" arab illegal workers, no more risks). Third, maybe do with them what we should have done with the nazis had we acknowledged their intentions in 1938. Such as destroying all the terrorist infrastructure in gaza and the west bank. The IDF know the whereabouts of nearly every terrorist leader and recruit, yet do nothing in fear of the "outrage" that the "world community" (under pressure from arab oil) will express. The israeli leaders need to get it into their thick skulls that you can't wait around to be nuked before you start fighting back.


even then, that's only a temporary measure. This hatred of Jews and the desire to exterminate them was something passed on from hitler, to al husseini, to arafat and now abu mazen. It's not something that can be solved with words or by killing just a couple of terrorists here and there.



The problem is that the whole of Palestinian society is poisoned. As soon as Palestinian children learn to speak often they are taught to say stuff like Jews are pigs, and they are conditioned to believe in the sacrificing their life to reach paradise. It's completley f**** basically.

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