Friday, October 28, 2005


Iranian President's Speech Also Called For Destruction Of The US

Why was this played down by the media? Perhaps they believed that if the Americans knew they were a target too, this threat would actually be taken seriously, rather than brushed off with usual pathetically weak condemnations, perhaps. Note that the audience also called for the destruction of England (quotes added around eminency) :

Addressing a conference in Tehran on Wednesday, entitled "The World Without Zionism", Ahmadinejad said, "To those who doubt, to those who ask is it possible, or those who do not believe, I say accomplishment of a world without America and Israel is both possible and feasible."

To a cheering audience that at several points erupted with chants of "death to Israel, death to America, death to England", Ahmadinejad continued, "Once, his eminency Imam [Ruhollah] Khomeini - leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution], stated that the illegal regime of the Pahlavis must go, and it happened. Then he said the Soviet empire would disappear, and it happened. He also said that this evil man Saddam [Hussein] must be punished, and we see that he is under trial in his country. His "eminency" also said that the occupation regime of Qods [Jerusalem, or Israel] must be wiped off from the map of the world, and with the help of the Almighty, we shall soon experience a world without America and Zionism, notwithstanding those who doubt."


...Lets invade, i'm up for it!


But if we invade, it might make the muslim community in the UK angry, and "possibly" lead to suicide bombing campaigns, which of course could never happen because islam is a religo.........


Yeah, I'm really scared of Iran taking out the United States. I mean, it's just so likely, they certainly have the means to do it. Since they have bases nearby from which they could easily launch an attack and everything.



and if iranians in the US carry out terror attacks like 9/11? Or if the iranians attack us bases and us civilians in the middle east? Nothing to worry about eh?

Better stick your head back in the sand, muppet.


Ah the voice of the pro-capitulation left rears it's ugly head! Brad you're not much of socialist what with those capitalist adverts you have on your site... In bed with the enemy!

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