Sunday, November 06, 2005


Islamic Pro Terror Rally, London - The Full Video Is Here

Just over a week ago, Muslim extremists held a pro terrorism rally in Trafalgar square, London, where they sang Islamic prayers, then called for the destruction of Israel.

Don't believe me? Watch the full video for yourself :

Click Here For The Download Page

notes :

The video is just over 40 minutes long and unedited.
The 1st minute is blank.
The rent a rabbi's mic wasn't working for half of his nonsense speech.
The first 15 minutes is mostly the setting up, with the majority of hate speeches in the second half.

[click here for the last post which has more detailed information about the rally]


Hi J,
Yes, I got your message about viewing this video, and I want to do so, but I need to read up on this thing that I would have to download. I have had very bad experiences with programes which fight against other programs, and then kill them. For instance, my iTunes player seems to have destroyed some other players that I have on my machine. Well, that's ok, because iTunes is predominant, but what if this one kills my Windows Media Player.


the bit torrent software uses a type of file sharing, similar to kazaa/napster. It's just a method of downloading a file, the file/video is in normal windows media player format (.wmv).

If you want to sort out the itunes problem, open itunes, go to the tools/settings option which is i think under the advanced drop down menu at the top of the screen. One of the tabs will have a list of associated files which you can disable, then do the same in media player to enable them.


brilliant thanks j, downloading now. Will seed...


Also linked on LGF open thread :)


nice one m8, thanks for helping to link it, i've just seen the peers jump


Well sir, I watched the video. From what I can tell it was merely a bunch of frustrated people who felt that the Israelis had trampled the rights of Palestinians and is a menace to the Middle East. Anti-Zionism is nothing new. God has his own plans and methodology for this earth and we should not fear Him.

The United States uses the same techniques to rally its supporters en masse - just more effectively. As you are appalled at this scene, I am eqally appalled - but at all forms of violence and calls to arms. Life is all we have on this earth and we should all respect it. Thank y9u for sharing and God Bless.




There's no helping some people...


Its not as if they're are the first to call for the destruction of Israel, just as Israel is not the most innocent of nations when it comes to murder, death, kill. To be honest, with the hanful of people there, was it really worth writing about?


thats really smart of you jamal, especially considering that you were against the bnp march on your blog. It was only a handful of people, what was there to worry about? The fact that muslims, not jews were the target???
What hypocracy!

The fact that the bnp aren't allowed to march against rapists in yorkshire(no i don't agree with the bnp one bit, they are the biggest hypocrites of them all) and muslim terrorist supporters were allowed to march through central london, say islamic prayers at nelsons column, call for the destruction of a foreign country, given police protection and used children for propaganda without any challenge from the police or a single politician, really says a lot about the way our country is being run.


Tell me jamal, apparently the zionist lobby wields so much power, yet how come they coudln't cancel the islamofascist rally in london last week???

And how did the muslim community, who wield so little power, manage to get the bnp march shut down???

It's an upside down world, no? What does jamal the terrorist defender think?


Oh God I'm just watching the video. Jeez the truth really comes out after about 26 mins.. Allah Akbar to hamas, the cancer of the world is Israel, etc..


this has got to be the classic line from the vid, it was something along the lines of, 'we eminate from the religion of peace, after all islam is peace, oh and btw, death the israel, allah snackbar!'

who these people think they're kidding

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