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Al Quds Hate Rally, London - Updated

On sunday the 30th of October, an Islamic hate fest was held in Trafalgar Square, London, at the base of Nelson's column. It was spearheaded by advisor to Hamas, and advocate of Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, Azzam Tamimi and the phony ""Rabbi"" Ahron Cohen, who is a member of an extremist minority group of supposed orthodox Jews, called Neturei Karta. Neturei Karta allow themselves to be used as a "Jewish" justification for Muslims and groups of Neo Nazis to call for the destruction of Israel. They also claim to speak for all religous Jews, yet there wasn't one religous Jewish man, woman or child amongst the non organised group of about 8 of these phonies attending the rally.
At several points, the Muslim speakers called for the complete destruction of Israel, at one specific point referring to the Jewish state as a "cancer that must be eradicated from the body of humanity" which was met with cheers of "Allah Akbar". At another, a speaker states that it is "about time a Muslim leader is to make clear that Zionism ... needs to be wiped out" which was also met with repeated cheers of "Allah Akbar"
You would have thought that some of the speeches would be considered incitement to hatred or even a call to war, but maybe I'm just being paranoid (I will be posting the whole video as soon as I work out the best way of hosting it. If you use any of these pictures, please link back to me) :

Below is a whois of Azzam Tamimi's (one of the speakers, 3rd pic from the top) website, The Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London. [Click here for the transcript of Mr Tamimi justifying the 7th July terror attacks in London]

Lastly, just in case you are wondering, the yellow flags in the London pro terror rally represent the Neo-Nazi Islamic terrorist group, Hezbollah, as shown in these pictures from the middle east (the last picture is of a Hitler youth type rally organised by Hezbollah.)


It's so amazing to me that the average Brit doesn't see that these people are attempting to destroy their civilization. They are carrying a photograph of Khomeini, for God's sake.

You and the Drunken Blogger are gems. I have family in England. I wish to God they would read your blogs. They read my blog and get very, very angry with me. It's the old, "A prophet is not accepted in his home town" syndrome, in my opinion.

Keep up the great work.


J, I don't know where you get these 'stunning' pictures from, but if you photograph them yourself I would be happy to assist!

A decent counter-demonstration in this country is long overdue. Check this German counter-demo


most of the pics are taken from a 45 minute video of the rally which I'm going to put on as soon as possible.

All I ask is if you could post the pics or a link on a popular blog if you can (i'd post them on lgf but i've never managed to register in time)

As far as counter demonstrations go, that would be great. I know that a group called betar regularly do small counter protests across from the pro-pally groups outside m&s at marble arch. On the vid from the al quds rally, they say that they're organising another protest on the 13th of november at Alexandra palace, which is hosting an Israeli goods expo. I'm not sure if there's enough time to get people ready for a counter protest though.


Done, LGF. Very busy open thread so not sure how many links you'll get.


I have actually posted your photos to Charles before, but no luck. Will keep trying though...


Did you do the video? Were those Hizbollah guys doing the Nazi salute in London, or the Middle East?


the last set are from the middle east and I probably wont get a chance to upload the film till the weekend, but i'll try and post a few clips if i can.

and nice one jonz for posting a link.


j can u email me at


Unfortunatly not much of a turnout to hammer the point home that Israel may be a civilised nation, but it is certaintly not comitting civilised acts in oppressing and stealing land. But then the rest of the west's expansion was built on similar methods!


actually the rally was calling for the destruction of Israel, nothing less.

What i find strange, is that Saddam gassed thousands of Muslims, more "palestinians" have been killed by the pa than by Israel this year, Assad killed 25,000 in one day, the Jordanians booted out over a million so called palestinians and no one in the muslim world blinks an eyelid.

Yet Israel provides free food, medical, housing, electricity, phones, jobs, and now they're going to get a palestinian state. There has never been a state or kingdom palestine ruled by arabs or muslims in the history of mankind, and the Israelis stupidly make one to appease arab terrorism, and where does it get them? People hate Israel even more. Simple logic, it is not a palestinian state these people want, but the complete destruction of Israel and everything in it.


I thought Tony Blair was going to start throwing the UK's resident Islamofascists out.


I don't understand hatred of Neturei Karta and Rabbi Ahron Cohen by Zionists. After all, Zionists have ALL the media, ALL the money, ALL the lobbies, ALL the arms, and ALMOST ALL the Jewish People, so what are they so neurotic and paranoid about when a relative few Orthodox Jews refuse to bow to the Haman of the Zionist State?! And gladly I am one of those Jews who refuses to bow to the Zionist Idol. Zionism is not Judaism, and Zionists know it!! It is a DIFFERENT religion, but NOT Judaism!


"After all, Zionists have ALL the media, ALL the money, ALL the lobbies, ALL the arms, and ALMOST ALL the Jewish People, so what are they so neurotic and paranoid about when a relative few Orthodox Jews refuse to bow to the Haman of the Zionist State"
Zionism is not Judaism, and Zionists know it!! It is a DIFFERENT religion, but NOT Judaism! "

is that so? so how come all the media I come accross is so anti zionist??? And since when was zionism a religion??? As far as I remember, the official religion of the jewish state, is judaism. Try getting your facts right.


Where do I start with the other nonsense?

NK claims to represent all orthodox jewish, though, if you watch the video, and any other video of islamic/neo nazi rallys where nk are present, there are NO orthodox jews in the crowd, ever.
1.NK are liars.

Groups like nk and agudah exist not to spread true judasim, but to distort it, and use it as a tool for the enemies of the jewish people.
2. NK are false jews, who warp judaism to serve jew haters

Groups like neturei karta claim that before the founding of israel, jews and non jews lived in absolute peace. ARE YOU FU**ING NUTS? Before the state of Israel was created, in fact, in the decade before it was created, 6 million jews were slaughtered in the holocaust.
3. NK are history revisionists.

The nk claim that judaism is against zionism is based on a falacy. They base their beliefs solely on talmudic statements, such as jews wil never be overly oppressed by non jews, which as we can see from nazi germany, was rubbished.
NK are selective with which parts of Judaism they believe, and focus only on the talmud. NK also wait for talmudic miracles. What does the torah say about waiting for miracles? It's a no, no.
4. NK are NOT true torah jews. Most aren't even jews

And finally, nk claim to be against Israel, yet they're are more than willing to escape jew hatred in other countries and reside in the secular jewish state.
5. NK are to biggest hypocrites of all



The Torah Nazis.

The actions of Rabbi Moishe Aryeh Friedman, a fanatic ultraorthodox anti-Zionist Jewish religious extremist, have helped to solve an important conundrum in the cognitive ethnology of hate sects. The conundrum is this. One for one, the claims and language of the purveyors of anti-Zionist hate tend to match those of classical anti-Semitism, sometimes substituting the word "Zionists" for "Jews" or "International Zionism" for "International Jewry."


Unfortunately J and Jonz are so incoherent in English it is difficult to know how to respond. They both sound as if they are on Zionist drugs and are hallucinating. Again I repeat: WHY are you so neurotic about a tiny number of Jews? What are you afraid of? Why do you feel so threatened by us? Gevalt! You can substitute all you want, so how about substituting "International Communism," or "International Fundamentalist Islam" or "Illuminati"? Choose whichever you like. The fact is that the orientation of the powers-that-be is sympathy towards the Zionist state: media, education, politics, lobbies, arms dealers, drug dealers. You name it, they're affiliated with the Zionists! Gevalt!


Jonz, I think we've got a live one

what are you anyway anonymous?
Some sort of neturei karta spokesman? Upset that we can so easily rubbish your idol? :) :) :)


Why do Zionists answer questions with questions?! Are YOU a spokesman for Zionist wackos? Go study a couple of important websites, then talk: and


Why do anti-zionists always call zionist's wacko's and crazy mad people. You have an inherent proplem Mr Anonymous. You are supportive of the labelling theory of humanity. I believe in the power of good. Zionism stands for all that is good. JUDAISM AND ZIONISM ARE THE SAME. AS IS CHRISTIANITY. Islam will wage war very soon as it already has. Open your eyes and stop being so blind, just to be friendly. It's not worth dying in the name of Islam is it now.



Please explain how the ideology of Zionism developed by Theodor Herzl and others at the end of 19th century to establish a "State" (der Judenstadt-Altneuland) is the same as Judaism, which is a 4000 year old religion which was totally rejected by the heretic Herzl and all of his subsequent successors. And please step out of your Zionist narcissism and tell us, "If you were a Palestinian under occupation and repression, what would you do? Stay home and recite psalms all day?" Why is it that other nations are allowed to rebel against their conquerors, including "Jewish" partisans in Poland in WW2, but somehow the Palestinians are not allowed? Are you familiar with what happened in North America with the native peoples? Or Algeria? Or South Africa? Or maybe Vietnam? Or perhaps Tibet? Or maybe Iraq???


please do not feed the trolls, especially the anonymous cowardly ones.

He knows nothing of Judaism, Jewish history, and can't seem to differentiate between oppression and brainwashing.


Please do NOT associate Agudat Yisrael with Neturei Karta.

While Agudah is not supportive of secular Zionism, that's only because they want to see a religious state.

Not so, Neturei Karta. They say that Jews are not currently entitled to a Jewish state of any sort, that they must return its control to the Arabs (or even the British) and Neturei Karta are willing to support the worst anti-Jewish savages to accomplish this.

Please do not compare the 2 groups. It is a grave mistake.


And when things get too hot for them where do the Neturei Karta plan to run?


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