Monday, March 03, 2014


Kunming Station Terrorist Knife Attack Ringleader Identified As Abdurehim Kurban

On Saturday the 1st of March a horrific terrorist attack was carried out by an Islamic Uyghur separatist movement originating from the XinJiang region. It is reported that a group of eight people entered a train station in the city of Kunming in the Yunnan province of China. After they entered the station the attackers dispersed and began to attack people with swords and knifes, indiscriminately killing twenty nine civilians and injuring over one hundred and thirty more. Two of the attackers have been identified as women and the mastermind is identified as Abdurehim Kurban. The South China Morning Post stated that four of the terrorists were killed at the scene, one woman was captured and three more captured since, but whether that means they have all the people involved is another thing as some reports have stated over ten people were involved in the attack.

The image below is a t-shirt worn by one of the attackers (source):

The pictures below (Source) show knives captured at the scene and a flag of a Islamic East Turkestan Jihadi movement.

The video below shows one of the female terrorists being taken down:

Update: First image of captured Kunming terrorist is released (Source)

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