Monday, November 17, 2008


From Medo Medo - THERE IS SHARCKS!!!

It had been so long since I checked the Justify This email account that a lot of the old mail was wiped, however the funny hate mail finds a way of sneaking through the cracks. Here's a recent cracker (no, I won't post his email address ;) ;


I am muslim, really we do not offend other religions even those unbelievers, but i warn you and tell you frankly, we'ere back, just you destiny. you will know who is the perverted one homosexual.
the war is coming , just wait ,and you will see that under calm water there is sharcks.

Jihad supporter

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water, now I learn I have to avoid Jihad Supporters and Sharcks. Oh Noooooes!


Your so-called god is the reason for the mass murder of our ancestors, the uprooting of us from our homes, and enough lies about our culture to fill a book (That last part has already happened, it's called the Old Testament).

We are back, and we have this to say...




whatr the hel is wrong with you, israel is getting attacked by gaza day by day, i should know i live here. and you say nothing. start posting again.


J, mahbruthaaaaahhhh...

How is Londonistan these days? YOU GOT RID OF RED KEN, CONGRATS!!

Hope to see you up & active again...Where were you?


Medo Medo,
don't be afraid of sharcks just kick them out of British waters...
they'll NOT stop free expression of thoughts, let
them impose their rues at their homes not ours...
Greetings from Athens pal


sorry for the mistake
it was rules instead of rues


No biggie -- when the Islamists impose their rules, most everyone ends up rueing it as well.

As for the sharcks, the IDF's sharck fishermen seem to be harvesting them pretty effectively at the moment.

This is an interesting site -- I wish you posted more often!


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