Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Prophet Mohammed Anagram

Over the last few days I've had boatloads of hits from searches looking for "prophet mohamed anagram" or variations of that.

Anyone know what that means?

Are you a prophet Mohammed anagram?

If so, write in at the usual address...


The US cartoon "Opus" by Berkeley Breathed recently claimed that anagrams could reveal deep things about individuals. For example, rearranging the letters of 'George Herbert Walker Bush' gives:
Huge berserk rebel warthog. The anagram for "The Prophet Mohammed" was covered by red scribble in the cartoon to suggest that muslims would riot if such a thing were revealed. Hence, many curious folks are trying to figure out what that anagram was.


It's from an Opus cartoon in the paper last week.


Eighteen letters and not a lot to go on really. But a few suggestions come through. My first was the unsatisfactory "heed them the top ham romp" and I figured a porky theme would be a good find and then got "morphed top ham theme" and "he romped the hamm pot." Hardly inspiring though.

There's a line in homoeroticism, "Mr Ph. M. He petted a homo" and "PR homo, he tempt Ahmed." I only want to offend mussies though so left that theme be. There is a line in drug related anagrams with hemp and pot available. The best is probably "M. Hemp mother, pot head." and "hammered hemp hot pot" which would make sense if you live in Northern England or watch Coronation Street.

There is a nice line in what to do with the Mussie, again on the hemp theme. "Hot? Mad? Hemp rope them!" and the similar but unfinished sentence, "hemp rope the mad moth..."

If we throw a few letters away there are tons of anagrams. "Hmmm, hotter head pope" for example. "Hmm, he orated the pomp" and "oh mom he trapped them" being the better ones. With death and hatred being available I was hoping for something there, but haven't found anything yet. The final idea though got a result I think.

"Ha! P.M. Deport them home" would be fine in England but the global anagram would I think have to be


ahhh, thanks for the comments. i'll get cracking on the anagram revealations


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