Saturday, November 18, 2006


Prelude To Intifada In Hollandibad?

Is it just me or is this how last years intifada in Paristan was sparked? i.e. By turning the criminal into a victim and using "race" as a spark for a few weeks of car burnings and mob violence by the local "YOUTHS"?

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The death of a man with Moroccan roots who was run over by a woman after he stole her bag has inflamed Dutch racial tensions that have smouldered since the murder of a filmmaker critical of Islam.

Several hundred people, including many Moroccans, marched on Friday from the site in an immigrant neighbourhood in Amsterdam where the 19-year-old died on Monday. The woman whose bag he stole drove her car into his moped, crushing him against a tree.

The friends and family of the youth, named by the media as Ali El Bejjati, say his death was a racially motivated murder. Two months ago, filmmaker Theo van Gogh was killed in the same district, allegedly by a 26-year-old Dutch-Moroccan.

The story has been front-page news all week in the Netherlands, home to about one million Muslims, more than a quarter of Moroccan descent. De Telegraaf daily said on Friday it was the man's own fault.

Geert Wilders, an anti-immigration politician whose popularity has soared since Van Gogh was murdered, called for the government to strip criminals with dual citizenship of their Dutch nationality.

"Arresting the woman makes the victim the criminal and the criminal a victim. It's turning the world on its head," he said.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende was forced on Friday to defend Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, who said the woman had not committed murder and the death would never have happened if the youth had not stolen the bag. A placard reading "Verdonk, murderess" was placed at the site of the death.

Van Gogh's murder on November 2 triggered a series of attacks on mosques and churches and a wave of death threats against politicians, including Verdonk and Wilders, shattering the Netherlands' reputation for tolerance.

The woman, who prosecutors want to charge for manslaughter, was released on Thursday pending further investigations.


J, we just had a trial in our courthouse...3 black lads drove up to a check-cashing store, 2 got out with guns to rob it...Bad luck for them the [white] lady behind the counter had a gun two, she plugged one of them, they ran into the car, drove off and parked. The wounded lad they charged the SURVIVORS WITH FELONY-MURDER (of their pal--NEAT!!)

Needless to say, the pistol-packing Momma in the check-store was treated in the local paper as a heroine (which she was).

The surviving robber who had the gun accepted a 2 year offer (he already had 15 on a drug case). The get-away driver, who claimed he didn't realize his buds had guns until they forced him to drive, got found guilty of LESSER charges, and got 5 years.

Funny, here in vulgar, redneck Florida, no-one saw a racial angle here.



Hey, I have a question: Would we see these same protests if this lady had managed to just stun the robber...AND THEN CHOP OFF HIS HAND? Would the Dutch Muslims leap to praise her for an act of cultural solidarity? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...


Interesting... Muslims play themselves as victims so they can act out their aggressions.


J, just noticed this story is ALMOST 2 YEARS OLD. Any word how it turned out?


lol, didn't notice that m8 ;)

it came up as new on the wires.


Back to the drawing board for me.

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