Thursday, November 23, 2006


Yeah, But Was It Halal?

LONDON: A Muslim man who was so hungry while fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan that he killed a swan to eat was jailed for two months at a court in Britain on Wednesday.

Shamsu Miah, 52, killed the mute swan at a boating pond in the north Welsh seaside resort of Llandudno on September 25 -- only the second day of fasting in Britain.

All mute swans in Britain belong to the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, an historical quirk dating from the 12th century.

When challenged by police, Miah said: "I am a Muslim, I am fasting, I needed to eat."

Llandudno Magistrates Court heard that Miah had blood on his shirt and white feathers in his beard.

Prosecutor Jim Neary said: "When interviewed he said, 'I was hungry, I had to eat the swan so I killed it, I stabbed it. I did nothing wrong, it was just a bird, I needed to eat'."

"The officers told him the swan was the property of the queen and he replied, 'I hate the queen, I hate this country'."

Judge Andrew Shaw told Miah: "You killed a swan at night. It was a cruel and reprehensible act.

"I don't know how it died; there seems to be some speculation that you bit it but I accept you killed it with a knife. It is a taboo act and the only sentence I can pass is one of imprisonment."

Miah had pleaded guilty to intentionally killing a wild bird and possessing a bladed article. He was released from custody having already served his two-month sentence while on remand.
So his excuse was, "I did nothing wrong, I hate the Queen, I hate this country". Really?

Well fuckin leave. Get the fuck outta my country if you don't like it. In a Muslim country they'd bloody well cut a hand and a foot off for this sort of thing. Plus he got a free meal. Ungrateful prick.


With Ramadan being such as stupid ritual, I could see why it would drive anyone insane.


A little personal story to share:
I had a muslim girlfriend many eons ago in college and we lived in the dorms. It was time for fasting for Ramadan and she felt bitter and angry at the school and its food services for not being very accomodating to muslims in school. At the time, the muslim population at the school was less than 1% and food services do allow people to take their food in their rooms to eat at night instead of dining it at the commons during daytime. At any rate, she felt necessary to "get back" at the school by wasting their food. Also, she's a fat disgusting cow and restriction of food made her into an annoying and vengeful bitch.


Today is IBA's first birthday.

Thanks for all you have done.


Thanks pastorius, i've posted a comment on the post on the IBA. And a big thanks for all you've done m8 ;)


i love it. and i love you. haha.




agree 100% with your summirsation j


you guys are all ignorant idiots.


All Muslims who refuse to integrate /assimilate into Western laws and rule of law should be deported back to ancestral homeland.


Not only Muslims, anyone who refuses to integrate. That includes La Raza (The Race).


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What does that say about your choice in girls lol if she a fat cow :p

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