Saturday, November 19, 2005


Model Who Converted To Islam After Arrest Is Freed

A mere coincidence im sure, obviously bearing in mind that she was originally facing 15 years jail time, but that all changed when the prosecution decided to be more leniant and change the charge to only 3 months jail, which would fit perfectly with the amount of time she had been in jail and thus would be released on her conviction :

An Australian model found guilty of illegally receiving drugs in the Indonesian resort island of Bali was released from jail on Saturday, a day after she was sentenced to three months in jail.

Michelle Leslie was detained by police before going to an outdoor party on the resort island on August 20, which means the 24-year-old woman had already served her time.
Yes, as the report I linked above stated, the prosecution just decided to reduce the charge, a reduction of over 14 years. Hmmm, so, Australian model arrested for supposedly carrying two ecstasy tablets, originally sentenced to 15 years, converts to Islam, sentence is reduced and she is released upon conviction. Very mysterious.

Wearing sunglasses, a sleeveless shirt and jeans, Leslie smiled as she walked out of Bali's notorious Kerobokan jail with her lawyers. She did not speak to the media.

Media reports have said Leslie, in her mid-20s, converted to Islam after she was arrested, and court documents had identified her as Muslim. During the trial she often wore conservative garb and white Muslim veil.

The case involving Leslie has attracted wide media coverage in Australia, where she modelled under the name of Michelle Lee.

The Adelaide-born woman is one of a number of Australians to face drugs charges in Indonesia. She was arrested after police searched her bag before a party and found two ecstasy tablets.

Another Australian woman, Schapelle Corby, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in May for smuggling 4.2 kg (9.259 lb) of marijuana into Bali from her home country. That term was cut on appeal to 15 years.

Nine other Australians are also on trial in Bali on charges of trying to smuggle heroin from the island to Australia. They face the maximum penalty of death.

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